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Three-car crash in West Roxbury sends five to the hospital

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., three vehicles collided where Centre Street veers off from Spring Street, sending four adults and a child to local hospitals. The crash may have happened when one of the drivers suffered some sort of medical emergency.



That whole stretch from Blanchards to 7-11 is evil. 25mph didn't help.

On a related thought, up the street an hour before that accident... I stopped before the crosswalk at Sugar to let some beardo douche cross the street with his lunch. Some humongous fat black lady did not see him crossing until it was too late and she ended up stopping in the crosswalk with her arms all waving out the window and apologizing.... right in front of a cop. Blue lights right away.

I sincerely felt bad for the fat lady that I did not have to let beardo go as he was not actually in the crosswalk when I stopped for him.

The black lady did not have a beard.... in case anyone gets all huffy on why I point out beards on some people and not others.

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Not every thought you have must be shared with the rest of the world.

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Sing it, sister!

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You have to be AT the crosswalk to get the right of way.


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Section 11: Marked crosswalks; yielding right of way to pedestrians; penalty

I never stop anymore when I have the right of way because it is unexpected Both wrecks I have been in would not have happened if someone hadn't chosen to unexpectedly stop.

In the first (my fault), the driver in front of me stopped to let someone out of a side street at the same time I was momentarily distracted by some stuff sliding off the passenger seat. In the second, a driver stopped short in front of me to let an oncoming car U-turn and the car behind me hit me when I stopped.

You are doing everyone a favor when you don't stop as a courtesy because other road users are not expecting it. If traffic is light, it's not necessary, and if it's heavy and/or fast you may cause a wreck. Especially now that everyone is playing with their phones.

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What is worse: you hit a pedestrian, or someone rear ends your car?

Sounds to me like you are looking for excuses to not stop and to speed.

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As a bike commuter, I'm always trying to modulate my speed so I reach the light as it turns green, reach a left turn during a gap in oncoming traffic, etc. That's another reason I don't like people stopping when they have right-of-way. It screws up the timing and the flow of the rest of the traffic.

The worst thing you can do in traffic is the unexpected. If a pedestrian trots out in front of you, you have to stop, but you don't have to stop for people just standing on the sidewalk or waiting to pull out of a driveway. They can step into a crosswalk or wait for a gap in traffic like I do.

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I've been bike commuting IN BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE since 1985.

I'm not buying your "explanation". (aka, I see your mansplain, and raise you a survivingeldersplain).

When cycling, like driving, you need to adjust to your surroundings. Lots of crosswalks mean potential for collisions with pedestrians. You want to avoid stopping? SLOW YOUR ROLL.

Just like having a four wheel vehicle does not make you special, riding on two wheels don't make you special either.

- signed, been doing it here for over 30 years, and am still alive to tell about it

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I love the people who stop at intersections when crossing traffic has stop signs, and you don't. Wait, no, I actually loathe, not love those people.

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You malign trans people. You malign gay people as being "not real men" etc.

And yet a guy with a BEARD isn't a real man, either?

You don't just suck at driving - you clearly failed biology, too!

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no one can be enough of a man for our boy coddah here. He seeks a manlier man. No. Manlier. Manlier even than that. 6'10" and abs of steel.

Anyway, I'm sure this is all totally normal and not at all some kind of deeply fucked up projection by the 'Hub's resident expert in drive-by homophobia.

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And yet a guy with a BEARD isn't a real man, either?

I said he was a douche, not effeminate. His girl jeans and red sneakers were kind of off-putting, yes, but not enough for me to question his manliness. The poor douche is just a slave to trends.

I have a beard. No girl jeans. Gave that up after Bon Jovi cut his hair in the late 80s.

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You mean a girl was wearing them?

If a boy is wearing them, they are boy jeans.

And if a fuzzy creature from Alpha Centauri was wearing them???

Sheesh - I remember when they were all Boy Jeans - Levis didn't make them for women shaped humans.

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back in the Buffalo Area, had a heart attack during a normal visit to area hospitals; luckily he didn't kill anyone driving into that ditch. Uncle Dave died on the site. My Aunt, Marilyn, got sent direct to Rehab. My dad, My Dad, just got his 4th stage cancer diagnosed due to that accident.

Uncle Dave's having veered off course probably gave Dad a couple weeks.

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