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Orthodox rabbi's house in Needham also had a fire last night

Chanie Krinsky, who runs the Needham Chabad center with her husband, Rabbi Mendy Krinsky, reports somebody tried to set their house on fire - not long after a second suspicious fire at a Chabad rabbi's home in Arlington:

Thank G-d I pick up the smell of fire before anyone else in my house ever smells it. Thank G-d Mendy was outside with the fire extinguisher before the smoke alarms even went off. I woke my kids and jumped into the car and turned on the heat for them.

Thank G-d we are all safe. Hashem has really been watching over us and the only damage was outside to some shingles.

News of the fire comes as police in Arlington step up patrols around another Chabad rabbi's home, which had its second fire last night.

Krinsky noted those fires:

Somebody out there wants to hurt us. Just because we exist. And that is frightening. Hate can't be reasoned with. Hate just needs to be eradicated. A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness. Please take this opportunity to help us end this darkness. Do a mitzvah today to bring more light into this world!

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Well that's horrifying. The people doing these things are sad and hateful, and I hope they're tracked down somehow. No one should experience hate for simply living their lives.

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The people who do these things need to be tried for and charged with Civil Rights violations, and be put behind bars for awhile. Here's hoping that there's swift justice done!

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Indeed I will.

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Not because karma will pay you back.

Not because God will see you and reward you.

Not because the recipient will show you gratitude.

Do a mitzvah because it'll give you a chance to reflect on how important it is to be a good person.

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Overwhelm the bad in the world with a tsunami of good.

Sort of in the "random acts of kindness" and "pay it forward" vein.

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