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Citizen complaint of the day: Treeless limb in cloudless sky

Tree limb just hanging in air

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the situation on Aldworth Street in Jamaica Plain:

Tree was trimmed yesterday, but this limb (which is no longer attached to the tree) has grown around the power line. So now it is suspended up there. It looks dangerous and like it has the potential to pull down the wire if it gets windy or weighed down by snow.




Geez, I know it looks dangerous but it'll be ok until after the holiday. The next few days are suppose to be dry and not windy.

I'm sure the tree folks came, and realized that the tree grew into the wire (it happens). Since they aren't electric folks, they probably have to call Eversource to have a crew come out.

With the holiday and such I am sure staffing levels are lower so the utility is prioritizing tickets right now. I guarantee it will be gone by Friday, if not removed first thing on Thursday.

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And the point of reporting it is that now someone who gets paid to make that call can make that call. I’m not a fan of how frivolous 311 complaints affect city resources, but this report, in my opinion, isn’t frivolous.

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These have been called widow makers by country folk for generations for obvious reasons.

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This seems like a wholly inadequate response:

"CLOSED Case Closed. Case Noted. The tree limb grew around the cable/telecom wire. The crew cut off as much of the limb as the could without cutting the wire. The only way to remove the remaining piece of limb wood, would be to contact your cable/phone provider and have them run a new cable line. - about 18 hours ago #101003144295"

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