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Storrowing spreads to Readville

Claire Sadar reports that sometime this morning, the driver of a big rig coming up from Wolcott Square in Readville wedged his truck right into the underpass for the train tracks there, learning why there's a sign at the end of Meadow Road out of the old Stop & Shop complex that warns truck drivers not to turn left. Needless to say, the underpass, decades old and built of stone, won the battle.


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Signs , signs, everywhere a sign , all very confusing .

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I walked through there not much after that and saw nothing. It's the East St bridge in Dedham that's been getting pounded by Amazon trucks recently. They all blame GPS.

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Drivers need to be trained that they can't blindly follow GPS.

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The Jersey barriers at Hyde Park Ave and Neponset Ave that have closed that opening is not on GPS. My wife has had to give out-of-town Uber drivers manual directions to get around that many times.

Then there was the time the GPS went totally haywire and I had to guide them in by remote control (cell phone on speaker) when they got lost in Roxbury coming from downtown.

GPS cannot keep up with road closures, permanent or temp. Even Google Street view is a few years old.

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