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Progressives wrest control of Ward 18 Democratic committee from old-timers

A progressive slate of 35 candidates, who include city councilors Michelle Wu and Ricardo Arroyo, today won control over the Ward 18 Democratic Ward Committee in Hyde Park, Mattapan and part of Roslindale over an old-guard slate that included former city councilors Steve Murphy and Rob Consalvo, unofficial city numbers show.

However, the old guard did maintain control of the women's seat on the Democratic State Committee for the Norfolk and Suffolk district, won by Bridget Simmons Murphy - Steve Murphy's wife - even as she lost her seat on the ward committee.



The Fresh Slate 18 group outworked and outorganized the existing Ward 18 committee. They earned it. The existing committee does have a lot of good people including good progressives. They were unfairly maligned by the Fresh Slate people, some of whom had been on the ward committee themselves. That said, to the victors go the spoils. Most importantly, it's a win for Michelle Wu, now onto 2021 and Mayor Walsh next...

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Grifters like Consalvo, the Murphys, etc... have solved no problems in this city other than how to pay for their summer homes and have no interest in doing so. Good riddance.

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Consalvo was a good and popular city councilor in his district. Calling him a grifter is unnecessary and exactly the thing some of the Fresh Slate people were doing. Be better than that.

Murphy, well, you’re right there.

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Zero difference for the neighborhood between Consalvo and McCarthy after Rob bailed to try become mayor (lol, 7th place). Since then he's had two different public sector gigs paying well over city council salary at BPS and the city. Current gig pays him $157k to work in some no-accountability job at BPS:

"Rob will continue to oversee all intergovernmental relations and constituent services work for BPS and will play an integral role in the community and public engagement campaign of Dr. Cassellius as part of her first year as superintendent."

If you're wondering why the BPS budget has gone up by over $1b to educate a few thousand LESS kids in the past 10 years, it's administrative level employees like this guy.

His wife, I believe, has a sweet patronage gig on BCC board - classic Boston insider self-dealers.

Not saying he's a bad guy or corrupt, just not actually useful or worth the money.

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Not a single Mayor slate person was “maligned” by Fresh Slate. Except maybe the chairman Consalvo who never held a single meeting of the W18DEMS, because Mayor instructed him to be a tool of his dying machine.

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... actually begins holding party building activities -- something the old leadership never seemed to do.

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I thought Steve Murphy was married to Lori Ford-Murphy. Did they get divorced?

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Bridget Simmons-Murphy will end up retaining her ward committee seat since the state party charter provides that state committee members are automatically local committee members for the town or ward in which they reside.

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