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Jamaica Plain man dies in motorcycle crash on turnpike offramp in Allston

State Police report that Stephen Salazar, 32, of Jamaica Plain, died at the Allston/Cambridge offramp from the Massachusetts Turnpike around 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Preliminary investigation reveals that Salazar was exiting Route 90 when, for reasons unknown at this time, he failed to negotiate the turn causing the motorcycle to overturn. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the crash. Members of Boston EMS declared him deceased at the scene.

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That ramp is pretty scary. It's a left-exit ramp, so you have to work your way over to the left lane to exit, which means getting into the Masshole high speed lane. Most traffic in this lane seems to want to go about 85, and if you are uncomfortable with that speed, too bad, a Masshole will gladly pass you on the right to get ahead of you and then cut in front of you to exit (to sit at the same light at the Doubletree, but whatever). When there were toll booths there, even with EZPass, you had to slow down. Now you go into the single lane on new pavement and then all of the sudden get launched with a dogleg onto the old, decaying overpass exit ramp. And it goes from one lane to twoish lanes, with no lane markings to speak of, so you don't really know where to aim, or whether the Masshole in front of you is planning to change "lanes" or not.

I'd imagine that a motorcyclist hitting that at 75 mph might indeed have an issue navigating that turn. It's not fun in a protective box at 50, and I'm usually the slow poke on that section getting passed by the Massholes going 80 on the Pike as I move to the left to exit. (Maybe he had an issue further down the ramp, but this seems like the likely location.)

In the long run, the Allston project will make this interchange a lot safer. In the short run, having MSP set up a speed operation along this section might at least help calm some of the drivers down. Put one Trooper with a speed gun on the Franklin Street footbridge and have him call in speeders to a trooper parked on the off ramp to issue citations.

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Agreed that it's not an ideal setup.

But I think the best short-term fix is a curve warning sign with a reasonable advisory speed. Right now there's a small "Ramp 25 mph" sign, way back before the curve when you really shouldn't be going 25 yet. 50 is a more reasonable speed at this point. So I could see someone ignoring it, since 25 makes no sense, and then being surprised by the curve.https://goo.gl/maps/kf3oqoNdnA8BzDHy6

There should be a curve warning sign just after the split, and some chevrons on the outside guardrail of the curve itself.

I don't think speed enforcement will solve the problem. Most of the people going 80 know the road very well, and have no trouble expecting the curve.

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I agree.. Its a bad off ramp and also the other drivers don't make it easy. Car drivers give motorcyclists NO space and even tailgate and cut off us constantly, not realizing they are in their 3000 pound weapon/cage. I wonder if this person had other drivers riding his ass and causing him to crash. Sad news.

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