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Jamaica Plain restaurant wins right to add patio - one not subject to the vagaries of the city's annual 'temporary' outdoor-dining rules

The Boston Licensing Board today approved plans by Vee Vee, 763 Centre St., near the Monument, to add a 46-seat outdoor seasonal patio.

The patio will sit on land owned by the restaurant's landlord and will not extend onto the sidewalk or street, so the approval is permanent and not subject to annual changes in the outdoor-dining policy Boston has had since 2020 because of the pandemic.

The restaurant has approval to keep the patio until 10 p.m., March through November.



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They have a decent yard in the back I assume it’s been cleaned up and that’s where the seats will be?

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The couple who own Vee Vee are among the hardest working people I know with terrific food. Very happy to hear this.

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like why does the city care if they open their patio on an unseasonably warm day in December or February? that feels like it should be up to the restaurant if it’s not in the public realm

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If there's a freak 70 degree day in January, places should be able to bust out the sidewalk tables. I really don't see any public interest in the current way things are done. Who benefits?

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Have this years (non north end) patios gotten all the green lights needed yet?

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I don't know how to look up the status of applications yet to be approved for permanent patios, which are usually on private property, but the process site is here if you are curious: https://www.boston.gov/departments/licensing-board/how-apply-permanent-o...

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Need to get back after a long covid hiatus.

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Vee Vee and Tres Gatos, two of my favorite places in Boston. Definite laid back west coast vibe in each.

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