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Citizen complaint of the day: Not all taggers spray at night

Tagger in the North End

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint about the graffiti guy he spotted adding to the freshly re-painted wall across from Cutillo Park in the North End around 10:15 a.m. today. He then marked up another wall down the street.



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The urban artists know that the Boston and Transit cops will not arrest them so the city and subway walls have become their canvas.Even the Museum of Fine Arts held an exhibit titled the Mural Project that highlighted Subway Art.

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And perhaps we could find out the real name of this yahoo.

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Not sure why he (or she) felt compelled to also filed on 311, unless 911 told him to.

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No need to complain to 311 or call 911. The city policy is to quickly paint over certain walls and spaces. It's cheaper than wasting police time and money and it's fairly effective because most artists won't paint in places where the work is erased after a day or two.

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