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Roslindale's first storrowing

Sorrow Drive and two ghoulish staties in Roslindale

Ghoulish staties Joe DeMasi and Teresa Marx await the next truck driver to come down Sorrow Drive, also known as Tyndale Street in Roslindale.

Drivers can't say they weren't warned:

Tyndale St. with Cars Only signs

Yes, that's a real U-Haul. After all, DeMasi said, it's only 20 bucks for the day.

Tyndale goes all out for Halloween: They actually close the street (to all traffic, not just rental trucks) for a couple hours for trick or treating.



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You can do this sort of thing on your own street (in Boston) if you want -- i.e. closing it for a few hours for trick-or-treating. Just apply (at least a month beforehand) at https://boston.gov/blockparty

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This year our block put on the 3rd Halloween Block Party (on Halloween, of course). The City money helps but it's really about the people. Neighbors working together for a couple of months to make this all happen.

Also be warned that this is a reimbursable grant now. So be prepared to spend money and wait for the City to get you a check after you submit all the paperwork.

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