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Former T cop gets 4 to 6 for raping two women while on duty

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Joshua Wall today sentenced former Transit Police officer Shawn McCarthy to 4 to 6 years in state prison following his conviction last week on charges he concluded a joy ride he gave two women in his cruiser in 2012 by raping them.

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sounds like a pretty light sentence to me for the crimes

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Where illegal guns and rape are just a slap on the wrist.

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This actually is a long sentence for a first rape conviction.

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need to update our laws with longer rape sentences, even 1st time offenders.

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The other inmates will do the dirty work that the judge didn't (and didn't have to) do. Look how easily the Italians got to Whitey. What chance does Barney Fife have?

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Who advised McCarthy it was a bad idea to take the two intoxicated girls for a ride in his police cruiser but never reported him to their superiors?

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Cops and priests.

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My first thought when I see cases like this is, will he get to keep his pension?

Somehow, no matter how bad the disgraced officer's behavior may have been, the judges and arbitrators never are able to find that it was egregious enough to terminate his pension.

Even if the pension gets taken away temporarily, an appeal usually reverses that decision, and restores all of the back pension, with interest.

So I suspect that he may have those 4 to 6 years in prison, but after that he will again be living high on the hog, with a monthly. tax-free stipend.

A slap in the face to all of the rest of us.

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He won't get any more than that if proper personnel actions are taken.

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