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Adrian Walker's faux outrage over street sweeping enforcement

I'll leave it to fumin' Joe Keohane to explain why Walker's column today (on people complaining about the towing the city is doing because other people were complaining our streets have become an open trash heap) is so inane. But a couple of questions:

Does Walker live somewhere other than Boston? Because he obviously doesn't know what happens to streets where cars are parked when the sweepers come - especially in the winter (by springtime, it's like Revere Beach, there's so much sand).

That having been said, did the city notify people first before it began enforcement? We're not New York and we don't have anything like "alternate side of the street parking" implanted in our brains from birth. A city that can put little paper leaves with leaf-pickup information on every single doorknob in the city twice a year can surely find the resources to put little paper cut-outs in the shape of tow trucks on everybody's door - even here in Roslindale, which Walker says is one of the hardest hit areas (must be down by the Square, since up here in the foothills along the Hyde Park frontier, we never see tow trucks).

City forces her to push her dead car across the street.



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Roxbury has always been enforced. They ticket in my neighborhood every single week, and tow on a seemingly random basis. When I've alluded to street-sweeping tickets when talking to friends in other neighborhoods, they always say they've never seen anyone get ticketed. This has always driven me crazy that they can bother to ticket us for streetsweeping, but they can't bother to provide any other city services we request. It's about time people in other neighborhoods get ticketed for not obeying posted signs.

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That was another one of Walker's points, which truly makes you wonder when he flew in from the Andromeda Galaxy (he's obviously never seen the bronze trash an artist implanted in the road by Haymarket to commemorate just what slobs we are).

In any case, Keohane's rant looks positively soporific next to Paul McMorrow's Walker haterade.

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