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Back of the pack

This little kid just stood in Washington Square with his hand out today. It was amazing how many runners gave him a hand slap.

And these guys were offering runners free beer a bit closer to Coolidge Corner. At least one runner took them up on it:

Most, however, settled for water or Gatorade:

None seemed to need psychoanalysis:

There's one in every crowd (worth noting: The guy wearing a Yankees Sucks t-shirt was way ahead of him):

Don Martelli posts video of the winners running underneath his Boylston Street office.

Martin posts a couple of photos from Natick.

Pauline posts a Lance Armstrong photo from Brookline.

Mr. Cooper wonders why Harvard hates Massachusetts and refuses to close for the holiday.

Deb Geisler wonders why they don't mess with the order of the runners, given that this is the Boston Marathon:

... And then we could watch passing, cutting off, fender-benders, tailgating, and all of the other wonderful skills of Boston driving...runner style. ...

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That's what Jonelle Lonergan vows, even if running the Marathon means you can have a red velvet cupcake for breakfast the next day and feel absolutely no guilt about it.

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The Undercover Blonde doesn't get the drink-to-excess spectators.

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