WEEI hires alleged plagiarist to beef up Web site

No, not that one, the other one. David Scott reports Ron Borges is heading to weei.com. He also discusses how Tony Massarotti almost moved to weei.com instead of to boston.com.

Bruce Allen suddenly loses interest in weei.com:

I had high hopes for this new weei.com. Borges just about kills it for me. You hire him, you lose your credibility. Simple as that.


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Worst excuse for a sportswriter

As much as a lot of UHubbers dislike the CHB, Ron Borges is on top of my list of most disliked sportswriters. He's way too one-dimensional - if it doesn't involve a ball or guys beating on each other, they're not athletes.
Years ago, he wrote a column for MSN(maybe?) basically saying Lance Armstrong was not a great athlete. His argument was so weak and arrogant that I was hoping he would be demoted to writing about high school sports somewhere in N. Dakota.

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