Universal Hub

By - 7/18/18 - 10:12 am

I've started using a new ad-serving company, and one of the options for configuring their system is to enable "GDPR consent," which is related to that European data-privacy regulation that went into effect a couple months ago. So of course, I enabled it, thinking, basically: Why not? That's what started the privacy popups - and the way you couldn't read more about the privacy policy here, because I didn't enter the URL to it. I've turned it off (sorry, Europeans), so apologies for any inconvenience (UHub privacy policy, should you want to read it).

By - 4/29/18 - 11:48 am

Time was, UHub had a system for letting you get notified when somebody replied to your comments. Then, that just stopped, weeks, maybe months ago (I didn't notice until somebody asked me about it a few days ago, and I realized I'd somehow deleted the software that handled it).

E-mail notification's back on. I've set the default to "off" (don't want to send somebody e-mail they don't want!). There are a couple of ways to get it back on - and to be notified of posts in certain categories: Read more.

By - 4/22/18 - 9:33 pm

Took me way too long, but I've finally managed to get SSL working on the ol' site (the problem, for people who care, will follow). Read more.

By - 2/25/18 - 2:03 pm

UPDATE: Both problems now fixed!

If you have a UHub account and you've ever forgotten your password, you've run into the problem of not being able to actually recover your password. Read more.

By - 2/1/18 - 8:57 am

New server is up and so far seems OK.

It's to deal with those nasty Intel bugs going around. Read more.

By - 1/4/18 - 9:09 pm

So click away!

By - 1/4/18 - 2:00 pm

There's a lot of traffic to UHub today; I've turned off comment rating to reduce some of the load on the database. My apologies!

By - 11/28/17 - 9:17 am

Ed. note: I'm a member of Local Independent Online News Publishers, which explains the problems with the FCC's upcoming vote on repealing net neutrality - the idea that everybody should have equal access to Internet resources:

Repealing Net Neutrality would allow giant chain media to work in concert with internet conglomerates to limit access to independent, alternative, and local news sites, according to LION Publishers.

Read more.

By - 11/26/17 - 9:38 am

I've added back thumbs-up voting for comments. Will watch over the next week to see what that does to site performance.

By - 11/10/17 - 3:07 pm

UPDATE: Server back up.

Poor server's hard drive is showing signs of impending failure, so the Web host is going to take the site down and replace it this afternoon. When they do, the site will be down, for five to ten minutes. Really down, like, not even any messages about gnomes banging on things with their little gnome hammers. My apologies for the interregnum!

By - 11/7/17 - 12:34 pm

I've turned off comment rating for now. I think that system was dragging the rest of the site down, and I figured keeping the site up in general was more important than letting folks vote on comments until I can figure out what is going on (especially since you can't vote anyway if the site's down).

By - 10/19/17 - 1:52 pm

Seems the module that detects mobile devices has gone bonkers today and is showing the mobile version to lots of desktop users. I think I've fixed that (if you're on a desktop and the site has tons of white space and just looks weird, then I haven't, in which case let me know), but the fix has changed the look of the mobile version (which should still be readable, it's mainly that the headline fonts are different and you may not see the ad you usually see at the top of pages, which may be good for you, not so good for me).

By - 9/29/17 - 11:45 am

Yes, it's taken me forever, but I've finally added a link to the mobile version of UHub that lets you log in. Next up: Figuring out how to do one of those "hamburger" menus.

By - 9/20/17 - 9:58 am

There's a right-wing troll who is currently sending out follow requests on Twitter with a user name that's remarkably similar to @universalhub (currently: he's substituted an upper-case I for a lower-case L, which on Twitter look identical). Don't accept them. And if you do stumble across the fake feed, don't worry: No, I haven't suddenly turned into a Russophile RWNJ.

By - 8/28/17 - 4:57 pm

This morning, Timothy Theberge wondered why there wasn't a storrowed.com. There is now (currently just redirects to the Storrowed page here).

By - 7/8/17 - 7:38 pm

Anonymous users who post comments no longer have "(User not verified)" after their names or anons. That phrase has always bugged me, if not enough to find it in the code and comment it out, but in working on a non-UHub project using the same software, I discovered a simple checkbox to turn it off.

By - 12/28/16 - 9:04 am

Alas, it's gone. Sometime this morning, the UHub database went kablooie. Fortunately, I'd made a backup around midnight, so I was able to swap that in, but unfortunately, that means any comments made overnight are now gone. My apologies for that!

By - 11/11/16 - 9:55 am

The past couple of days, folks had been reporting a completely unformatted home page with no images. I think I've fixed that (for the more technically inclined, the homepage was getting built with links to files on the https version of the site, which doesn't really exist, except as an empty directory), but please let me know. Read more.

By - 9/16/16 - 1:53 pm

Yes, it's there, between the end of the story and the beginning of the comments. I'm trying it out because, to be honest, it pays a lot better than some of the ads I've been running on the right side of the page, so I'm trying it out. There's a "jump to comments" link right before it, and I'm looking to see if I can limit how many times a day you see it. I've also eliminated a couple of the ads that used to run on the right side of stories, so hopefully no effect on page-loading time.

By - 4/13/16 - 8:29 am

A couple weeks ago, I turned on a caching module to help reduce the number of times UHub went down. It's worked (yay!), but it also seems to have introduced a new problem, at least for people who aren't logged in: Read more.