Rotting away in the remote Pennsylvania woods

In September of 2015, ran a story that explains why old Green Line PCC Trolley's are rotting in the remote Pennsylvania woods. Apparently some engineer purchased them in the early 1990s and had plans on refurbishing them, but never did, so the cars sit there and rot. Read more.


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Double loser claims Massachusetts residents drove to New Hampshire to vote

Boston Magazine reports on Scott Brown's allegations during his "monthly on-air spongebath" on Herald radio. Of course, Brown might be the one person able to recognize Mass. voters filling in ovals north of the Merrimack - since he uniquely lost a Senate race here, then traveled north to lose a Senate race there.

As flood water recedes, smoke, CO fill Chinatown buildings

Smoke and carbon monoxide from drenched manholes at Washington and Kneeland streets started filling some basement buildings around the intersection of Washington, Stuart and Kneeland streets around 9 a.m. Firefighters evacuated the HI Boston Hostel at 19 Stuart St. due to high carbon-monoxide readings.

Boston Fire has struck a second alarm to bring in additional firefighters to deal with the issue.

Silver Line SL5 buses are not stopping at Tufts Medical Center due to the flooding and fire trucks.

The city is opening a resource office for affected residents and business owners at Chinatown Main Streets, 2 Boylston St.

Photo from the scene.

Orange Line car prepares to launch from space dock

The T forwarded this photo of an Orange Line car - 1216 to be exact - before rolling out for service this morning. Those are foam blocks on the roof - to test tunnel clearances for the configuration of the new on-order Orange Line cars, which will have their HVAC systems on the roof. In addition to the foam blocks, the car's also been outfitted with seven cameras - six on the roof and one at the front to record mile markers on the trip.