What's left of the State Police cruiser from that Expressway crash

State Police released photos of the patrol car a trooper was in on I-93 south early Saturday when, police say, another car plowed into it - along with a statement by State Police Col. Richard McKeon:

Every motor vehicle stop, and every response to a crash, puts troopers, police officers, and emergency and maintenance responders at risk for their own safety. We are very grateful to these professionals for the dangers they accept routinely as part of doing their jobs.

We are especially grateful that the injuries to the trooper hit this morning were not far, far worse. That they were not, is a reminder of the critical importance for any motorist to wear a seatbelt. We are hopeful for a full recovery for him, and we also wish recoveries for the other victims.

State Police say charges are likely against the driver of the other car once their investigation into the crash, which injured six people, is finished.

Two city councilors among Times columnist's list of 14 must-watch young Democrats

Times columnist Frank Bruni writes that at-large Boston City Councilors Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu (also currently council president) are two young Democratic elected officials to keep an eye on. He also put US Reps Joe Kennedy and Seth Moulton on his list.

Five-alarm fire destroys Hyde Park warehouse, forces evacuation of nearby homes

Firefighters battle blaze in Hyde Park.

Boston firefighters responded at 5:40 p.m. to 28 Grantley St., off Hyde Park Ave., for what turned into a five-alarm blaze in a warehouse at Hyde Park Masonry and Supplies.

At times the smoke was so thick firefighters with hoses at the top of one of three ladders were not visible from the street. Police evacuated nearby homes on Grantley Street and ordered onlookers away from the front of the fire scene on Hyde Park Avenue. Thick smoke filled the streets a couple blocks south of the warehouse.

Firefighters fought the blaze entirely from the outside, in part due to the presence of tanks of chemicals inside the warehouse.

Two firefighters were injured, one seriously enough to be taken to a local hospital, although his injuries are not life threatening, BFD says.

Fire Commissioner Joe Finn arrived and took control of the fire operations.

Grantley fire

Firefighters are continuing to pour water on the building (photo by BFD) and expect to remain on scene overnight.

Grantley fire

The smoke on Glenwood Avenue, a couple blocks away:

Grantley smoke
Sat, 06/25/2016 - 18:00

Man runs into traffic, gets hit, goes flying, walks away

Tom captured the incident on Morton Street just past Blue Hill Avenue on his car dashcam late Thursday afternoon.

WBZ reports police are aware of the incident but that nobody came into B-3, which is right across the street, to report anything. If you go to the video and set it to the slowest possible speed, it sure looks like running guy was running because he'd just taken something that didn't belong to him.

Via Boston Reddit.