Convicted Roxbury murderer will stay in prison despite prosecution delays providing him with required evidence

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Roderick Taylor will continue to serve out his second-degree murder sentence for strangling Dominique Taylor in a Woodbine Street apartment in 2006 and dumping her body in Franklin Park - with her fingertips and face burned off - essentially because his lawyer didn't protest vociferously enough over continuing prosecution delays in producing evidence before his trial.

The phone calls, they're coming from inside the station!

Transit Police report they want to talk to this guy about a series of bogus phone calls to 911 about alleged crimes in the Malden Center T station.

Over the past month Transit and Malden Police have received several 911 emergency calls alleging various crimes in progress at the MBTA's Malden Center station. The calls originate from within the station. Subsequent to a joint investigation amongst Transit and Malden Police has determined these calls to be intentionally false.

Don't mess with Dot: When Lower Mills bank is robbed, bank president chases after robber, even gets a punch in

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:50

The Dorchester Reporter reports that when some guy robbed the Lower Mills branch of Meetinghouse Bank this afternoon, the bank president sprung into action and ran after the guy, managing to get a punch in before police arrived.


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Sacre bleu! DA says that French guy went into reclining-seat rage on his flight

A 61-year-old Frenchman found himself a guest of our justice system and Mass. General Hospital today after he grew très furieux when a woman in front of him reclined her seat on their flight from Miami to Paris, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The American Airlines flight landed at Logan, where State Police charged Edmund Alexandre with interfering with a flight crew. They eventually took him to Mass. General for treatment of a pre-existing condition.

According to the DA's office, Alexandre just wouldn't shut up about the reclining seat: