Maybe he's in town to see how his Dedham store is doing

Fountainhead, a yacht owned by Sears CEO and Ayn Rand fanboi Eddie Lampert, is back in Boston Harbor this morning, as Scott G. Sewall alerts us.

Just kidding about the Dedham store, of course. It closed a couple weeks ago, one of the roughly 250 Sears and K-Marts stores being shut this year as revenues continue to drop like a large rock.

The yacht last visited Boston last year. Lampert, ever the kidder, claimed Mark Cuban owns it.

That time Nazis tried to picket a movie about the founding of Israel

Here's a Harvard Crimson account of the day in 1961 when George Lincoln Rockwell and some other American Nazis showed up at the Saxon Theater (now the Cutler Majestic) on Tremont Street to protest the showing of "Exodus."

The crowd of 500 anti-pickets, composed mainly of refugees from Nazi concentration camps, college students, and labor unionists, sent up a loud yell and descended on the khaki-uniformed men wearing swastika arm bands as they emerged from a car near the theatre.

Most of the 125 uniformed policemen and 30 plainclothesmen on the scene rushed to save the Nazis from the screaming, egg-throwing crowd.

Full Comm. Ave. re-opening delayed by grout, lack of drought

MassDOT reports that the complete re-opening of the Commonwealth Avenue bridge near the BU Bridge has been delayed for several days due to grouting taking longer than expected and the need to hold off pouring some concrete because of recent rains.

Weather permitting, trolley service on the MBTA Green Line B-Branch and private vehicle access to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and Boston University Bridge and local roadways will resume by the middle of the upcoming week.