School-bus woes start early for BPS this year

School officials say too many bus drivers decided not to show up to work today, forcing BPS and its bus operator to call in other bus companies, assign supervisors to bus routes and work with the MBTA to provide free rides on that system for students.

Although the bulk of BPS students report for school next week, BPS today promised school-bus rides to students at two in-district charter schools, 13 other charter schools and 11 special education programs. A spokesman says:

Citizen complaint of the day: Somebody is chaining buckets to a light pole in Chinatown

A concerned citizen reports somebody chained two buckets to a light pole at Beach and Oxford streets in Chinatown.

The city reports it promptly sent somebody down to remove the buckets, but did not say what was in them that would make them valuable enough to warrant trying to lock them down.

Police: Orange Line rider should maybe stop trying to fare jump, because he's not very good at it

A man nabbed for alleged fare jumping at Ruggles last year was picked up for the same offense at Forest Hills yesterday afternoon, Transit Police report.

Although piggybacking behind a paying customer normally only means a ticket, in both cases, Juan Garcia was arrested because he had outstanding warrants charging him with assault and battery on a police officer.

Do you feel informed about the candidates in the primary election in 2 weeks on Sept. 9?

It's the primary elections on Tuesday, September 9. Do you know the candidates' positions? Their names? Which parties have primaries for which positions?

No, I didn't even realize it is only 2 weeks until the primary.
54% (81 votes)
Yes, I have some awareness of who is running, but I have no idea their positions.
24% (36 votes)
Yes, I am fully informed and have even gone through a practice ballot.
18% (27 votes)
Yes, I think that one person is running. I'll probably vote for them by name alone.
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 148