Red Line trains come to a halt; guy throwing stuff on tracks at fault

Police stopped the Red Line in both directions shortly before 9:45 p.m. because of a guy dumping things on the tracks at Broadway, including what appeared to be one of those heavy bomb-resistant trash barrels.

Police arrested the guy on a charge of malicious destruction of property.

Also, Rae Marie Luna reports a friend said:

The upward escalator suddenly went backwards super fast & many ppl fell. What's up w/ Broadway?

Third suspect charged with murder of Raekwon Brown outside Burke High School

Jaden Waiters, 20, faces arraignment tomorrow for the murder of the Burke High School student on June 8, Boston Police report.

Waiters was arrested today by Boston officers and US Marshals and will be arraigned in Dorchester Municipal Court.

Jonathan Aguasvivas, 23, of Roxbury and Benzy Bain, 24, of Mattapan were arraigned for Brown's murder last month.

Innocent, etc.

Never mind the Legal ad about Clinton, what about the immigration and abortion ones?

Yeah, yeah, Legal Seafood calls Clinton a cold fish, but the chain also remarked on the size of Trump's hands. But it also has a TV ad that goes:

Some candidates want to limit a woman's right to choose. Not Roger Berkowitz. "All I can say is, if you're pro-choice, you'll LOVE how many options we have in our menu."

You can see that ad here (around 0:36).

MBTA approves 135-unit residential building next to Mattapan T station

Architect's rendering of the view from near Mattapan Square.

The MBTA board today officially designated a pair of non-profit groups to build 135 residential units - 69 marketed as affordable - on what is now an underused parking lot for the trolley station in Mattapan Square.

Preservation of Affordable Housing and Nuestra Comunidad will also include 173 parking spaces - 50 set aside for commuters - and 12,000 square feet of retail space.

More details.

Orange Line woes continue: Train evacuated at Haymarket due to suspicious object

Transit Police evacuated an outbound train at Haymarket shortly before 6 p.m.: