East Boston

By - 11/16/08 - 12:31 pm

Boston Police report a man sitting in front of his house last night was robbed by four people:

The victim stated that the two males identified themselves as State Police officers and ordered him against a wall. The victim, believing the suspects were State Police officers, allowed them to pat frisk him, The victim stated that during the pat frisk, the suspects grabbed his wallet from his pocket and fled onto Brooks St. toward Bennington Street. The victim stated that he followed the suspects, and observed one of them hand his wallet to one of the females. The victim stated that he caught up to the suspects outside of 185 Bennington St. where they turned on him and started punching about the head. The victim reported that the suspects then ran into 185 Bennington Street after assaulting him.

Real cops made their way into the second-floor apartment there after hearing movement inside. Police say three suspects were unable to hide despite having turned off all the lights. Arrested on charges of unarmed robbery and impersonating a police officer: Robert DeFreitas, 41, of East Boston and Edward J. Rivard, 36, of Revere. Marlene A. Choukas, 43, of Revere, was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery on a police officer after she struggled with officers during her arrest, police say.

Innocent, etc.

By - 11/15/08 - 10:17 am

The Globe reports that while an upcoming SpikeTV pilot will be set in Southie, most of the filming will be done in Eastie, because Southie is no longer gritty enough.

By - 11/14/08 - 1:28 pm

The Globe reports on toll increases approved by the turnpike authority today for the Weston and Allston/Brighton tolls and the harbor tunnels, starting in February or March. Most notable: Tolls at the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels will increase from $3.50 to $7 - although FastLane users will get to pay just $6.

By - 11/5/08 - 3:19 pm

Boston Police report that when a worker at Oran Cafe, 170 Marion St. in East Boston, asked a woman who'd just walked in with a lit cigarette to put it out, the woman threw the cigarette at the worker, threatened to "to cut everyone's throat" and then lit another cigarette. When workers shuffled her out, around 4:15 yesterday afternoon, she slapped a 65-year-old woman in the face.

On arrival, police say they found Joyce Guinasso, 41, standing across the street. After noting she was "extremely intoxicated," they arrested her on a charge of assault and battery on a person over 65.

By - 11/3/08 - 10:59 am

Fabulously Out There reports what happened when the local beat cop managed to drop his keys into a storm sewer under her roommate's car:

... The police officer and our local Italians, who hang out in the front door then decided to PICK UP roommate's Saturn and move it about 8 feet back.


While they are doing this Neighbor A watched and witness Neighbor B hanging out the window screaming "What the fuck are you doing, that's ROOMMATE'S car." ...

By - 11/3/08 - 9:02 am

The Globe: DiMasi refuses to provide records:

House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi is refusing to comply with a demand for records from the state Ethics Commission in its conflict-of-interest investigation, leading to a secretive legal showdown that has yet to be resolved, according to officials familiar with the matter.

In this post-Wilkerson world in which we live, Mike Ball doesn't get it:

Contemporary with Sen. Dianne Wilkerson's protracted disgrace — and her unwillingness to live in the same world of laws and consequences as most of us — Salvatore F. DiMasi is likely blowing up his on scandal in the making.

The Outraged Liberal wonders if DiMasi really has something to hide in the case involving former DiMasi confidante Richard Vitale and the way Cognos (now part of IBM) got a state software contract:

... The circumstantial evidence surrounding DiMasi, Vitale and the software manufacturer Cognos is not pretty and needs to be properly sorted out. But that can't happen when principals decline to provide the material investigators say they need to do their job. ...

By - 10/29/08 - 1:33 pm

A woman about to enter a liquor store at 1035 Saratoga St. got pushed to the ground and her money snatched out of her hand around 8:50 Tuesday night, Boston Police report.

Police say they caught up with Robert Passariello, 21, of East Boston, near the Orient Heights T stop, where they arrested him and charged him with unarmed robbery.

By - 10/24/08 - 8:25 am

HubTrotter proclaims the racetrack excellent value for your entertainment dollar:

... [E]ven if you're not a gambler, Boston sports fans will be hard-pressed to beat the $2 admission price for a day at the races. ...

By - 10/23/08 - 1:48 pm

Jorge files some fall photos from Belle Isle Marsh.

By - 10/23/08 - 10:54 am

Guys: If you don't like Mexican food or people who speak Spanish, you're going to strike out rather quickly with a woman who thinks both are part of East Boston's charm.

By - 10/21/08 - 8:26 am

Globe: DiMasi's ally gets scrutiny from AG.

The Outraged Liberal wonders who hates DiMasi enough to leak word of a grand-jury investigation:

... The fact Coakley's office is involved in hardly startling. It doesn't take a fortune teller to know that Vitale, Cognos and the other players in this drama have raised a lot of eyebrows. You don't hire George Regan as a mouthpiece if you are innocent as a newborn babe.

But to drop a dime on the Globe, two weeks before an election, even one in which DiMasi is running unopposed, is a very serious message that someone has the Speaker in his sights. ...

By - 10/16/08 - 10:29 pm

Jimbo lists the national and international groups headquartered or with offices in East Boston.

By - 10/14/08 - 10:46 am

Fabulously Out There read about Saturday's murder on Border Street in East Boston with a sinking feeling, because it's right in her neighborhood. She reports she was able to track the dead guy's blood for three blocks this morning (with photos to prove it):

... ....The kid walked 3 blocks....and no one saw him? It's hard to believe in my neighborhood. Really hard to believe.

I can only assume it's gang related. Might not be, I don't know shit about gangs, but I know we have some in Eastie and they are mostly bad news, but they also keep their fighting between each other. I have never felt unsafe in my neighborhood, except for a few time...and that's to be expected in a city.

I am still not scared. I just feel bad about this 19 year old dying. I feel bad that there are young men and women out there in gangs who will snuff someone's life out over something that, in my world, is completely meaningless. ...

By - 10/13/08 - 7:47 pm

Whalehead King explains why that's the guy on the sign at Royal Roast Beef on Bennington Street:

... Is this crown prince/clown prince kissing his sandwich or sucking a thin slice or rare beef out from between the bun? Maybe a little bit of both. You'll try to do both too when you get one of these sandwiches between your mitts. ...

By - 10/12/08 - 6:59 pm

Boston Police report finding a 19-year-old Hispanic male stabbed in front of 220 Border St., around 11:50 p.m., Saturday. He was taken to Mass. General, where he died.

By - 10/7/08 - 3:37 pm

Jorge takes us on a stroll around Belle Isle Marsh on a fine October day.

By - 10/1/08 - 8:54 am

Michaela reports that on a Blue Line ride from Maverick to Government Center yesterday afternoon, not only did the conductor not pick up the phone, he or she left the PA on so all the passengers could enjoy the ringing, too:

What's the deal, MBTA? Why didn't anyone pick up a phone that was ringing in the conductor's cab? So annoying. I'm actually pretty intrigued no matter how annoying it was. Who was on the other line? Who called the train?

By - 9/25/08 - 5:36 pm

Anthony Giacalone reports the market has been "severely hurt." Triple deckers that once might have gone for as much as $650,000 are now on the market for as little as $380,000.

By - 9/18/08 - 7:25 pm

News that Tom Menino will consider moving a proposed heliport from South Boston to East Boston doesn't sit well with Eastie resident Jimbo:

... Will the mayor be equally deferential to the wishes of East Boston's elected officials? And does the will of "business leaders" trump the will of the local citizenry?

By - 9/17/08 - 10:04 am

Boston Police report a Good Samaritan picked the boy up when he spotted him toddling down Meridian Street at White Street shortly after 4 this morning:

... Officers observed a small, possibly Hispanic male child between 1-1/2 to 2 years old, 2-1/2 feet tall, dark curly brown hair, big brown eyes, wearing a light blue pajama top w/ dog prints, blue jean shorts, black/blue sneakers, and white socks, who appeared to be in good health. The child's legs felt cool to the touch so officers placed the child in their marked cruiser for warmth. ...

Police say around 6:30, officers spotted a "frantic" woman looking for her son:

... The mother stated that she put her kids to bed at around midnight and upon waking up at approximately 6:00 a.m. noticed that her son was missing. Officers observed the house to be in order and the children to be clean. The mother was transported to the hospital where she was reunited with her son. ...