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East Boston residents organize to help kids of woman killed by the bridge yesterday

People on Eagle Hill are using Facebook and Indiegogo to organize resources and raise funds for the two children of Aura Garcia, who was killed by the Meridian Street bridge yesterday.

The Eagle Hill Civic Association and many residents of East Boston are trying to raise funds to help with immediate and long term needs. In addition to funds, we need services to be donated. The goal of the fundraiser are as follows:

  • raise funds to cover funeral expenses (perhaps a local funeral home would donate some services)
  • establish trust fund for the benefit of the children to cover current and long term funding needs (for this we are looking for an Estate Planning Attorney willing to donate services to establish a trust for the benefit of the children)
  • work with East Boston Savings Bank to open an trust account to receive the funds
  • find a third party administrator/fiduciary to manage the trust for the benefit of the children

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Two young children lost their beloved mother. Our community is joining together to help a family at a time of need. The power of US can indeed make a difference!

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