City Council tomorrow to ponder slapping Boston 2024 upside the head with a subpoena

The City Council tomorrow is scheduled to consider Councilor Tito Jackson's request to force Boston 2024 officials to show up with a copy of two chapters of their original Olympic bid that they don't want anybody to see.

The council typically does not vote on requests on their first airing, but instead sends them to a council committee for a hearing first. Jackson, who says he wants to see what Boston 2024 committed the city to pay for - and which politicians it says supported the initial bid, said yesterday he expects his request to be referred to the committee of the whole - which is a committee that consists of every council member.

Over the past year, councilors have turned to subpoenas - or the threat of them - to compel several people to appear before its committees.

The council's meeting begins at noon in its fifth-floor chambers in City Hall.



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Whoa There Guys and Gals

Let us not let things get out hand here. We wouldn't want you to use your political power for the benefit of the city and the region.

Just to let you know, though Mahty is in Rome, the Pope will not have you turned into Oompa Loompas if you guys actually stop by the balls store in the morning and act on this.

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I watched it go down today.

City Council President Bill Linehan wouldn't even let it come up for a vote!

Bill Linhan blocked an an effort by city councilor Tito Jackson, supported by many others who spoke, to require Boston2024 to deliver the complete contents of their winning bid for the 2024 Olympics, for which taxpayers are on the hook for an unlimited amount of cost overrun because Marty Walsh signed the host city agreement which made it so.

Don't let anyone tell you it's not important who gets elected city council president.

You may recall Rich Davey of Boston2024 showed up to a meeting at Boston City counsel on Venues and Financials a few weeks back, and just a few days before Boston 2024 released the second iteration of their bid. At that meeting Davies provided no financial information to Boston City Council, and they have not since.

In fact, Bill Linehan admitted he has not rescheduled that meeting.

I get that some people support the Olympics. I don't get using government power to hide the facts from our elected body that must vote on expenditures for the Olympics and us, the people who must pay for it (every penny that goes over budget.)

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Since ALL you people don't

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Since ALL you people don't care or know the rules...or maybe you only care about it when its convenient for you... here are the rules that Councilor Linehan is referring to that Councilor Jackson and Zakim recently helped draft...

Power to SummonsRule 50.
Pursuant to chapter 233, section 8 of the General Laws, the City Council has the authority to summons witnesses to attend and testify and to produce books and papers at a hearing before the City Council. See also Section 17I of the Boston City Charter. An Order for Summons shall be filed by the Chair of the City Council Committee invoking the summons power or shall be filed by the Sponsor of the docket invoking the summons power. An Order for Summons shall state the reason for issuing the summons and the subject matter jurisdiction. The order shall be referred to the Committee of the Whole. Such order shall be taken up for consideration at the next City Council meeting or subsequent City Council meetings where the Council President shall bring the matter before the City Council for consideration. The chairperson of the standing committee shall sign a summons requiring a person to appear before a committee to be examined in reference to any matter within the scope of the inquiry being conducted by such committee.

I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that Tito is neither the Chair of that committee nor is he the sponsor of the docket and he's definitely not the city council president... so for someone who helped draft the rules to not know it... was about to make the city council look stupid

because its making all you on this chat sound pretty stupid

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OK BCC Staffer - Nice Rant

However, How about the Boy Who Ran Away To Limerick When He Didn't Get His Way just get going with the matter and call these people to task? Not much to ask, is it? The people are kind of asking for it, or has that $1,250 from Suffolk bought him to block things.

I've heard about cheap whores, but my god.

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17F Orders. Green Sheets Pending Council Matters.

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Check out the 17F Orders listed on Boston City Council Green Sheets of Pending Council Matters available by email, request at


"Remanding Matters to the Mayor
Rule 21.
Any order, ordinance, resolution, vote, or other measure submitted by the mayor shall be rejected without prejudice, unless when it is filed with the clerk, it bears the certificate of the Corporation Counsel that, if adopted or passed in the form submitted by the mayor, it will be in accordance with the law.

The council, at the discretion of the President, may remand a response from the Mayor to a Section 17F request, if in the determination of the President the response does not comply with the request.

A subsequent response shall be due within seven (7) days."


Requests for Specific Information.
The City Council at any time may request from the Mayor specific information on any Municipal Matter within its jurisdiction, and may request his presence to answer written questions relating thereto at a meeting to be held not earlier than one week from the date of the receipt of said questions, in which case the Mayor shall personally, or through a Head of a Department or a Member of a Board, attend such Meeting and publicly answer all such questions.

The person so attending shall not be obliged to answer questions relating to any other Matter.

The Mayor at any time may attend and address the City Council in person or through the Head of a Department, or a Member of a Board, upon such subject as he may desire.
[Acts of 1951, c. 376, s. 17F]


Duties of the Clerk
Rule 13.
...The Agenda shall include a list of all Pending Council Matters, such Listing being also known as the "Green Sheets."

The Green Sheets shall include a List of all
Thirty (30) and
Sixty (60) day Orders,
Matters Assigned for Further Action,
Matters on the Table,
Unanswered 17F Orders,
Home Rule Petitions not responded to by the Mayor, and a
Listing of all Matters currently assigned to Committees.

Said Matters shall be listed in accordance with the Order of Business as described in Rule 17.

Said Agenda shall be delivered to the City Messenger and it shall be the duty of the City Messenger to compile
the Agenda,
all Matters listed on said Agenda,
the Legislative Calendar, and
any other Documents appropriate to the Scheduled Meeting.

Such compilation shall be known as "The Packet", and it shall be promptly delivered to the Office of each Council Member and individuals or organizations identified by the Council President.

If for any reason "The Packet" is not ready for distribution by Noon two (2) days preceding the Council Meeting, the Office of each Council Member shall be notified of such delay by the City Messenger.

17F Orders, Green Sheets available by email, request at

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Sure thing Tito

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We'll get to it right after you tell us where you're planning to get the money to pay the gangbangers so they can pretend they've stopped gangbanging.

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Free tuition is a great idea!

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Free tuition is a great idea!... positive effect on economy, workforce and maybe these universalhub exchanges in the long range.

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