Another Boston unit of measurement

Besides the Smoot, that is. Today I discovered that Boston Medical Center is two Dunkin' Donuts down Mass. Ave. from the Orange Line stop - although as Jay Fallon notes:

But only on one side of the street which is unacceptable.




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Not a consistent unit

I do not believe that the span of one Dunk can be used to measure distances, because it is not a uniform distance, like a Smoot. I would be interested in a discussion of how a Dunk compares to a Starbuck, which is another variable span. Both of them vary with region, among other factors.

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3 DD's is like 100 feet, if you're down-town

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There are places on Franklin St, Congress, State, etc., where you can just about see 2 or 3 DD's and 2 or 3 Starbucks from any given vantage point.

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