Joy to the world - in particular, Newton Corner

Joy in Newton Corner

Kate couldn't help but notice the way the Crowne Plaza was lit up in Newton Corner over the turnpike tonight.



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Not a lot of hotel rooms sold

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Given that you'd have to assume that every one of those rooms was unoccupied so the staff could turn the lights on or off.

Now, why didn't MIT turn the green building in to a tree, or something?

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Every year

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This is our sixth December in Newton and they've done this every year. They must block those rooms off from sale to allow for it. I think it's a nice tradition!

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Thought I saw once

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That they don't eat the rooms, they just block the windows carefully. I could be wrong...

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How would that work? People

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How would that work? People in the dark-window rooms wouldn't be allowed to open the shades? And people in the light-window rooms would have to keep the lights on all night and leave the shades open?

Supposedly the cross on the Helmsley Building in NYC was written into the office leases.

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