An entire neighborhood wishes one man would die, windshield note declares

A South Boston resident posts a photo of the note he found on his windshield this morning - a morning, it might be noted, with not even a speck of snow on the ground.



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Dear Car Owners

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Owning a car is a responsibility. It is not a free pass to stake a claim on public land. If you can't find a suitable place to store your vehicle without illegally claiming that you own public land, you need to get rid of your car, find a private solution, or move.


Right? Entitlement is a funny thing

Decades of spoon feeding them free streets and parking leads to behavior like this.

“The roads hold such a special position in our brain that we use logic around them that we would never use around everything else.”

Other countries have socialized health care, parental leave or housing, Jeffrey Tumlin, a transportation consultant at Nelson\Nygaard, pointed out. In America, we’ve socialized driving — and housing for our cars.

But good luck applying that same logic to public transit or housing without being asked "whos gunna pay for it!?"



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The note writer was irrationally angry that the guy parked like an asshole.

Except he didn't. Apart from that, this is completely sane and makes all kinds of sense.

Why is it irrational?

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The only allowed anger is ironic and sarcastic?

The mote is direct and to the point.


the truth hurts

I can’t believe he posted the note online when he should just crawl away and die of shame

Or maybe learn how to park in a way that doesn’t cause problems for everyone around him


Read on ...

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Further down in the thread, the author writes:

i was parked towards the end of a street, left about a foot in between the car in front of me. pretty standard parking job and no ticket obviously.


if he's at the end of the

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if he's at the end of the street
my guess would be he pulled up behind the car in front of him, while not paying any attention to how much room he was leaving BEHIND his car.
Vehicle in front of him then moves and he is now taking up 2 spaces.

I dont wish he would die, but I do wish people would make a little effort to look around and not just do what the lemming before had done.


you are the problem

The universe does not revolve around where you might park your car. Paying attention to the amount of room behind your car in this bizarrely specific hypothetical scenario won't help if other cars move.


not bizzare and not

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not bizzare and not hypothetical it happens on every street corner and every driveway.


universe does not revolve

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universe does not revolve around where you might park your car.

On-street parking is partly a social activity. Drivers who park around you DO revolve around where you might park your car.

You park for the current situation, not some hypothetical future

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He doesn't know when the other car is going to leave, so what's his alternative? If he backs up and leaves 3/4 of a space between him and the car in front of him, he's still blocking 2 spaces for as long as that other car is there. If there wasn't room for 3 cars in that section with him pulled all the way up to the car in front of him, there wasn't going to be room for 3 cars no matter where he parked.


There is ZERO reason to leave

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There is ZERO reason to leave half a space behind you. the crosswalk is never moving.
Park in the correct space for his car, not follow the person that may have or may not have parked with any consciousness of the world around them.
how is this even up for discussion, when its the on the end of the street or next to a driveway?

Why is that more helpful?

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In this scenario, if you don't park with half a space behind you, then you park with half a space ahead of you that no one can use. Everyone's in exactly the same situation.


Are there lines on the street?

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Then there is no "taking up two spaces" because there ARE NO SPACES.

Sounds like somebody needs a new hobby. Make that two somebodies.


And can park with reasonable clearance and end up with none.

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Decades ago, when I first learned to drive, I lived in Back Bay. I became expert at getting in and out of tight spaces, including a time I had to take 10 minutes to unpark because overnight I'd gotten parked in with only about 6" on either side of my car. Since I'm not originally from Boston, it never occurred to me to leave threatening messages for the cars that sardine canned mine.


In the olden days...

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...we used "Park by Sound" to park in the Back Bay and elsewhere in the city.


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...I believe the correct term is "Park by Braille".


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Oh Southie.. never change. Always keeping it classy

Not sure why but

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This reminds me of one time at the gym when a huge meathead sidled up to me, who was minding my own business, and the meathead says to me, "yaw da mos' annoyeen poisen in the whole gym!".
The thing about this meathead that I have never forgotten is, he had the most impossibly high pitched voice, like a what the actual fuck cartoon voice in helium but it was his voice. I read that note with that Meatheads voice in my head

Amazing. Even for Boston and

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Amazing. Even for Boston and comboxes, this thread is amazing.

When some future generation or extra-terrestrial archaeologist/anthropologist sifts through the ashes of our civilization, I hope they find this thread.

Some local was so bent out of shape, frustrated, life ruined, mildly inconvenienced, whatever... by the way somebody parked their car* that they couldn't adult. So, they settled on the coward/bully/passive-aggressive route - leaving anonymous note that claimed community unanimity in wishing death on the "offender"

* presumably (based on the article & link) parked in a legal spot on the street in a correct manner

We read the coverage in our local news blog (good idea! stay informed! click the "donate" link on the front page)and head for the comments section.

A large portion of the comments have been in two categories - either

"I think on-street parking, despite legality, is illegitimate behavior, selfish, environmentally short-sighted, an affront to coexistence and/or theft of public resources. I'll condemn his behavior but have nothing to say about the passive-aggressive bully."


"He probably parked 'wrong' somehow, therefore what does he expect?"

Not much at all about the note-writer being the one who has or is a bigger problem,

With that kind of one-note, ax-to-grind, Calvinist approach, a person could start to think some of you dwell in the comment boxes of some of the more spiteful liturgy blogs.