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Harpoon responds to coronavirus: Reduces size of factory tour groups, eliminates baskets of pretzel chips

Harpoon Brewery announced today a series of steps to try to reduce the risks of Covid-19 infection for visitors to its South Boston brewery.

Among the steps are increased sanitizing of customer areas and reducing the size of its standing-room area in its beer hall and cutting number of patrons on tours to a maximum of 15, to allow for more distance between each visitor. People on tours will also be given sanitized safety glasses.

Also, Harpoon has beefed up sanitizing of tables and serving items and has stopped offering board games, baskets of pretzel chips and samples of hops and malt on tours. And no more refilling of sample glasses on tours; instead, patrons will get fresh glasses with each sample.



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Can I still drink as much as I can in the allotted time during the tour?

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But as they take these precautions, over their heads is a steady stream of incoming flights to Logan Airport. I am fortunate to have a great view of the flight path and it is endless. I am not a scientist, but how better to spread a virus than via commercial airplanes?

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This is making me to watch the movie 12 Monkeys again.

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Harpoon announces they are increasing the ABV in their beers to 70% so that, "it'll kill anything".


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