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Day after Brighton taco place is closed for possible salmonella outbreak, its West Roxbury outlet is also shut, for general grossness

Update, 5/30: Restaurant allowed to re-open.

A city health inspector yesterday shut Los Amigos, 1741 Centre St. in West Roxbury, for a variety of violations, including hot foods not being kept hot enough, cold items not being kept cold enough, employees not following basic sanitary practices and rodent droppings.

The shutdown comes one day after ISD shut the Los Amigos in Brighton Center as part of an investigation into a possible salmonella outbreak linked to its food.

In West Roxbury, the most serious violations - any one of which would merit closing the restaurant - include:

  • Only one employee properly washed hands between tasks. Another rinsed hands at the prep sink. A third employee used a gloved hand to wipe the cutting board. Retrain staff on when to wash and the proper use of gloves.
  • Chopped lettuce 45F-48F Guacamole 43F-46F, Pico de Gallo 44F-47F Salsa 43F. Foods removed from service. Hold cold at or below 41F.
  • Multiple foods held below 135F, Spicy Chicken 117F-123F, Spicy Beef 123F, Chicken 124F Plantains 126F. Spicy chicken held less than two hours reheated. All other foods removed from service.
  • Prep sink without indirect waste. Garbage disposal attached to unit. Provide proper plumbing to prevent backflow contamination.

Other violations include:

  • Persons in charge not monitoring food temperatures for cooking, holding, and cooling. Other duties not demonstrated as evidence of priority, priority foundation risk factors.
  • Salsa verde improperly cooling in deep container. Instructed to use proper cooling methods, shallow pans, ice.
  • Salsa not date marked. Provide (reviewed foods held 24 hours or more must be dated.
  • Multiple rodent droppings on pineapple cans, bag of pinto beans, beverage single use holders, on storage tables an floor. Provide a detailed pest control report. Remove foods contaminated by droppings. Clean and sanitize surfaces after cleaning of rodent droppings in all basement areas.

The West Roxbury outlet can re-open once it passes a new inspection.

Complete list of problems found.

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Try and walk by the place now and not think "Gross Amigos."

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When I first moved here in 2012, I went there to place an order and got ignored by the cashier, so I walked out. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't go back.

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Be safe boys!

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The Newton Los Amigos has been a staple in our takeout rotation and is reliably yummy.

Hope they have a clean inspection.

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Magoo had a bite to eat there the other day and a mouse turd was found in Magoo’s tooth. Magoo.

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Thanks for sharing.

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This chain has three other locations, in Somerville, Newton, and Brookline. Do the health inspectors in those cities get a heads-up when this happens, or are we just hoping they read UHub?

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to the town health departments might help.

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Well, actually the foodborne illness program will notify city and town health inspectors that Sam and Ella have visited, as all locations will be investigated by the state for a potential system wide outbreak.

The kitchen issues may be a function of the location, but the supply chain is also suspect when there are cases identified by the state laboratory - which is what triggers the investigation. Sometimes it's the kitchen, but sometimes it is a specific item that was delivered to three locations that was purchased from a wholesaler that bought from three different farms ...

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feel like I dodged a bullet on this one. I used to get Doordash from the s guys ALL the time. Bummer. Their food was really good and reasonably priced.

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Perhaps that's because they weren't charging the "clean hands and kitchen" tax. :-)

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