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Citizen complaint of the day: A trademark pedestrian-crossing issue in East Boston

Jammed intersection with no room for pedestrians in East Boston

A peeved pedestrian of a citizen files a 311 complaint about the situation where Havre Street empties onto Bennington Street in East Boston:

Please note this Classic Crosswalk Catastrophe™. Vehicles blocking ramp, parked on sidewalk, cars not stopping for pedestrians (me), etc. Please stripe.



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Looks like a parking free-for-all, a shining example of nassholery.

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Use common sense:

"If you jump a subway turnstile, you might just get off with a warning from the police. But if you jump a subway turnstile carrying a loaded gun and smoking a joint, then maybe you need your ass kicked."

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First: that 311 is actually going to care and do anything about this report.

Second: that a striped crosswalk would actually do anything to prevent drivers from continuing to behave like this.

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