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Massholes never surrender, never back up, even at bus tunnels

Woman in car refuses to back up from Silver Line Tunnel

Roman the roving UHub photographer was on a Silver Line bus that had just hurtled through the route's tunnel this morning when he noticed a woman in a vehicle that was definitely not a bus. He reports:

The bus driver told them to stop and back up but they continued on. They piggybacked off a bus entering to get past the gate. It was just at the entrance/exit of the Silver Line tunnel, the bus was exiting when I heard him blare on the horn to get the car's attention. After the driver told them to back out or just wait we pulled ahead and we saw the car continue into the tunnel. At least the Harvard Sq tunnel is easier to get out of :-)

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but officer, my GPS told me to go this way.....

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Hey, never my fault that I drove through your backyard because the GPS said it was a road.

Don't blame me, I'm only driving the van!

Classic Lexus move, tho.

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Maybe they were looking for the candle store.

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There are various Do Not Enter signs, some standard and some not. But they're not particularly large or well-placed.

I'd suggest adding a No Right Turn sign here, and a No Left Turn sign here.

Of course, if the Silver Line had an underpass under D Street, there wouldn't be any issue. And transit riders could get to the Airport and Chelsea faster. With all the massive road infrastructure that went into the Seaport during the Big Dig, why did they leave out a simple underpass?

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Because the "P" in MBTA stands for "Planning."

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rescuing or feeding stranded T passengers

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Is equipped with a vehicle barrier that pops up if vehicles other than buses enter the tunnel.
I wonder why it didn't work?

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As Roman noted, the driver piggybacked right behind a bus.

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I'm sure they have some cameras to capture the license plate and send her a fine at the very least.

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