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Double murder at Uphams Corner restaurant claims another victim: The restaurant

The owners of Ka-Carlos, scene of a brutal fight last August that ended with two murders, have shut the place down and are in the middle of selling off its assets.

Carlos and Joseph DePina have sold the building and its equipment and are trying to find a buyer for its liquor license - which could go for $100,000 or more - to pay off their bills, their attorney, William Rehry, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning. Rehry asked the board for three months to find a buyer; the board decides whether to grant the request at a hearing on Thursday. Rehry said the owners tried to simply sell the entire restaurant, but that there were no buyers.

Board Chairman Daniel Pokaski said he and other boards never take any pleasure in seeing a business closed, but that, "quite frankly, I'm happy to see [Ka-Carlos] closed with all the problems we've seen over the years."

Shortly after 1 a.m. on Aug. 2, 2009, Manuel Monteiro, 47, a chef at the restaurant, died from a shot fired from outside in a running battle that police say began inside the restaurant - and which Monteiro tried to break up. Jovany Eason, 20, was gunned down on a nearby street. A third shooting victim survived.

Emmanuel Pina and Sandro Tavares were indicted for the two murders in October. A third man, Timothy Santos, was indicted on charges of armed assault with intent to murder. They have yet to come to trial



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I grew up near that place and that place has been bad, bad news for years. Hopefully the liquor license will get sold to someone far away and that corner can get some peace and quiet. Approving the sale would do everyone a favor.

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