We're a campaign stop

Scott Eisen was at Logan this afternoon to watch the president arrive on Air Force One en route to fundraisers at Symphony Hall and in the South End.

Not everybody was pleased to see Obama in Boston. Mediacrity photographed protesters, who included Occupiers, Palestinian supporters and some Republicans.


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There were only a handful of protesters

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And about a dozen Romney-ites who showed up late, chanting "hut hut hut hut hut hut..." Very strange. But, both were largely outnumbered by the Democratic party supporters who turned out:


I did see some weird photographers going around. One of them pushed a camera in the face of a little girl's mother who was resting on the curb and started snapping rapid-fire photographs, creeping her out. I have to wonder if that was this 'mediacrity' guy.

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I see

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There's not really a way to tell which gender someone is by their alias, however. ;)

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