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The bombs bursting in air

Fireworks in Needham

Redsox223 took in the Needham fireworks last night.

Copyright Redsox223. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Nice shot!

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Fireworks without a permit are illegal yet the Boston Police looks the other way allowing the violation of residents right to quiet enjoyment and endangering their safety.

Fireworks on the Esplanade or Waterfront are fine for people who want to see them, they are set off from a barge in the water and thus are safe and enjoyable for those who want them.

But fireworks in residential neighborhoods outside of the Esplanade and Waterfront area are a completely different story. Many of the houses in the suburban parts of Boston are made of wood which fireworks could cause to burn down. The noise of fireworks are loud and noisy, they are scary since they sound like guns and violate peoples rights to quiet enjoyment of their homes. Also there are many dogs living in the suburban parts of Boston who are also upset and scared by the fireworks.

Something needs to be done so the police enforce laws against possession of fireworks

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