Citizen complaint of the day: Film crew needs to do a better job cleaning up after itself

Black plastic left behind in Blackstone Square fountain

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint about the rubber sheeting a film crew (part of Marky Mark's Spenser funky bunch?) left behind Friday night in the Blackstone Square fountain. Also, they tore up the grass.



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In a state full of slobs I

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In a state full of slobs I don’t see how this is anything unordinary

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This was corrected by the movie company. All cleaned up by noon. They said "sorry to the neighbors"

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Sounds like BS - How could they fix the green so quickly?

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Both Boston 311 tickets are still open.

Also, It's not clear to me how the damage to the lawn could be resolved within two hours of that picture being taken.

Given that you're an unregistered anon who quoted anons, I'm inclined to think you're just spinning some PR baloney.

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Not Marky Mark

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I believe it was the Movie "Eve" not "Marky" Mark's movie. I live around the corner and the green wasn't all torn up, at least not any worse than the 100 or so neighborhood dogs do to it everyday.

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Good job in South Boston...

A few weeks ago, they were filming the Showtime series. The crew was great, they swept the sidewalk at the end of their day. They also returned to remove all of their temporary "No Parking" signs and generally were pretty pleasant and often apologetic for the disruption to the Resident Parking.

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In Dot

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Marky Mark's crew posted notices on neighbors doors that they were going to need to extend their location shoot 2 extra days til today. Supposedly in exchange for the inconvenience to the neighborhood, the production company states they will be making a cash donation to the local civic association. How much and how that came about, I don't know . .

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