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West Roxbury gets extra pizza in time for Mother's Day

Deno's in West Roxbury re-opening

The sign on the front door of Deno's Pizza on Centre Street in West Roxbury offers hope to people who want to surprise mom with a large pie, announcing a Sunday re-opening (although the 9th is Saturday). Deno's closed at the beginning of April due to coronavirus concerns.

Meanwile, down the street, Anna's is saying come on in, the donuts are fine:

Anna's Do-nuts seeks customers



Both of these places are top notch.

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Anna's Donuts are probably the freshest donuts in the city...once in awhile, if I get a haircut, I'll stop in for a quick donut. Sometimes if I've finished my haircut and if it's later in the morning/afternoon, I will stop at DeNo's for lunch.

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Sat is the 9th, Sunday (Mother's Day) is the 10th, hopefully they mean Sat 9th, cause I needs ma pie!

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