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Landmark East Boston restaurant looks like it's never coming back

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that all the stuff inside what is now the former Jeveli's on Chelsea Street is being advertised for auction. The restaurant, which opened in 1924, closed due to the pandemic in the fall of 2020, then never re-opened.



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multiple Eastie chow crawls (typical progression: Santarpio's, Angela's Cafe, Rincon Limeno, Taqueria Jalisco) that ended with drinks at Terminal J.

It's especially tough when it's one of the really old-timey place likes this, which take irreplaceable atmosphere with them when they go. They're not making vibes like that anymore.

Covid still casts a long shadow: I don't think we're done with restaurant closures attributable to wounds inflicted by the pandemic.

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during Covid. Tax records will show it was banner years the last two years. Restaurants that were on the fence used Covid as an excuse to close. Many businesses had long lines at night and full houses during lunch because people were working from home. Taking over public space on the sidewalks and streets just added to the profit margins.

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I went here with family when I was a teen, but hadn't been back there for decades.

It's especially tough when it's one of the really old-timey place likes this

I'm still mourning the European.

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the first "fancy" place I dined at in Boston with my own money. I will never forget the quirky, attentive service of our silver-haired lifer of a waiter. He made it a memorable date.

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Lived in Eastie 2005-2013, so I know that crawl route well. Even ten years ago, Jeveli's felt like the kind of place you were a little surprised to see still open. Went once for the kitsch value, enjoyed it, but was in no rush to go back. I'm not saying it was bad or that they should have started serving biodynamic regional mediterranean small plates, but it crossed the line from nostalgic to reminding me just how bad American dining could be in the 70s.

Now Rino's, there's a place that looks like a Martin Scorsese fever dream of a neighborhood Italian joint, and the food! I will go there any time I find a willing victim to play "how many hours will we spend in the Kelley Square Pub" roulette. My worst was about 4 hours, and I'm surprised I can remember the dinner.

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I'll bite. What is Terminal J?

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Terminal J was the bar at Jeveli's, separate but at the same time connected to the restaurant. Think Keno, framed pictures of long decommissioned airplanes on the wall (Eastern Airlines, TWA, Midway et al), stiff drinks, Boston sports pennants, Eastie locals/off duty pilots/flight attendants/Massport cops all drinking at the bar, and a few waitresses who could have plausibly worked there since the Ford Presidency.

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