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Jamaica Plain crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
3/29/23 - 4:45 pm Bus driver stabbed in possible Roslindale road rage Stabbing 3841 Washington St.
3/22/23 - 7:21 pm Teen from Jamaica Plain development charged with January shooting at Mission Hill development Illegal gun possession 279 Centre St.
3/16/23 - 9:45 pm Shots fired on Centre Street in Jackson Square Gunfire Centre St. and Bickford St.
3/5/23 - 11:34 pm Man shot to death in a Mildred Hailey apartment Murder 940 Parker St.
2/28/23 - 4:32 pm Jamaica Plain dispensary worker arrested after showing up at work with unlicensed, loaded gun and two magazines filled with bullets, police say Illegal gun possession 401 Centre St.
2/13/23 - 8:00 pm Man, kid beat up another man at Forest Hills, police say Assault and battery Forest Hills MBTA station
2/11/23 - 4:57 pm One woman dead, teen injured, another teen charged with their stabbing in Jamaica Plain Murder 5 Woodside Ave.
12/10/22 - 5:30 pm Man shot on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain Shooting 484 Centre St.
11/14/22 - 4:00 pm Teens break T cop's nose in attack at Forest Hills, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon Forest Hills MBTA station
11/1/22 - 8:14 pm Two teens arrested after gunfire near Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Gunfire Gay Head St.
10/24/22 - 12:00 pm Man forces way into Jamaica Plain home and rapes woman, police say Rape Arborway
9/16/22 - 7:50 pm Two young teens charged with using machete, baseball bat in Jamaica Plain market robbery Armed robbery 71 Day St.
9/1/22 - 4:30 am Driver stopped for man lying in the road in Jackson Square, backed up, then drove right over him, killing him, DA says Murder Columbus Ave. and Centre St.
7/31/22 - 12:15 pm Dorchester man charged with running red light in Jamaica Plain, then barreling through barricade for parade, injuring two cops Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon Warren Ave. and Peter Parley Rd.
6/1/22 - 9:54 am Two kids charged with taking over Orange Line PA system and smacking the head of a person who objected Assault and battery 150 Green St.
5/24/22 - 11:55 pm Man is shot at Mildred Hailey, hours after attempted-murder suspect arrested there Shooting Parker St. and Bickford St.
3/31/22 - 12:10 am Shootout near Shattuck Hospital: Police say man opened fire on them; they return fire and hit him Gunfire 170 Morton St.
3/25/22 - 10:48 pm Teen arrested after firing gun in Jackson Square, police say Gunfire 240 Centre. St.
3/18/22 - 5:02 pm Three arrested after gunfire in South Street development in Jamaica Plain Gunfire 4 Metcalf Ct.
9/30/21 - 2:11 pm 'Coward' sought for beating up senior citizen at Jackson Square Orange Line stop Assault and battery Centre St. and Columbus Ave.
9/8/21 - 2:22 pm Man shot to death in Egleston Square Murder 3108 Washington St.
8/20/21 - 10:30 pm Person stabbed in Egleston Square Stabbing 3101 Washington St.
7/15/21 - 9:10 pm Four shot near Mildred Hailey spot where police arrested a kid for a Mission Hill shooting hours earlier Shooting Horan Way and Bickford Street
7/15/21 - 12:14 pm Police arrest Mission Hill shooting suspect at Hailey Apartments, then nab four more people, two on gun charges Illegal gun possession 950 Parker St.
7/8/21 - 11:20 am Man shot in struggle over gun with cop on Washington Street at Roslindale/Forest Hills line
5/8/21 - 6:20 pm Window hit by gunfire at South Street development in Jamaica Plain Gunfire Metcalf Ct.
3/30/21 - 11:10 am Man arrested after shots fired on Heath Street Gunfire 123 Heath St.
2/22/21 - 12:44 pm Jamaica Plain man kept it local when robbing a bank yesterday, police say Bank robbery 696 Centre St.
2/20/21 - 7:15 pm In Egleston Square, police came for the gunfire, stayed for the basement casino Gunfire 3114 Washington St.
2/15/21 - 8:38 pm Person shot in Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Shooting 944 Parker St.
2/12/21 - 1:18 pm Man was walking around Egleston Square with a loaded gun and heroin, police say Illegal gun possession 3137 Washington St.
2/6/21 - 10:48 pm Man arrested at Logan Airport in connection with a shooting at Mildred Hailey in Jamaica Plain last month Shooting 275 Centre St.
1/14/21 - 12:11 pm Police arrest Jamaica Plain man on drug charges; say he had a pound of cocaine and more than $260,000 at his Armstrong Street home Illegal drug possession 25 Armstrong St.
1/2/21 - 8:00 pm Gunfire on South Huntington Avenue in Jamaica Plain Gunfire S. Huntington Ave. and Evergreen St.