Jamaica Plain crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
5/5/18 - 2:10 pm Three arrested at JP double-murder scene, two on gun charges, one for allegedly trying to stop one of the other arrests Illegal gun possession 277 Centre St.
5/4/18 - 9:40 pm Two shot to death at Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Murder 277 Centre St.
4/13/18 - 2:30 pm Two arrested at Forest Hills T stop after guy's gun popped out of his waistband, police say Illegal gun possession Washington St. and Arborway
3/24/18 - 9:20 pm Shots fired in Jamaica Plain Gunfire Minden St. and Gay Head St.
3/19/18 - 3:30 pm Man stabbed in broad daylight outside Jamaica Plain post office Stabbing Centre St. and Myrtle St.
3/9/18 - 2:30 pm Person stabbed in the chest at Green Street T stop Stabbing Green St. and Amory St.
1/14/18 - 11:00 pm Boston firefighter accused of sexual attack at Jamaica Plain station Assault and battery 740 Centre St.
12/30/17 - 12:06 pm Norwood man charged with holding up JP market at gunpoint Armed robbery 36 Gay Head St.
11/21/17 - 11:25 pm Apartment hit by gunfire on Heath Street Gunfire 49 Horan Way
11/17/17 - 3:00 pm Gunfire leads to car crash in Egleston Square Gunfire School St. and Washington St.
11/1/17 - 10:25 pm Police nab teen they say was was walking around with two loaded guns near where other teen was gunned down Illegal gun possession 42 Horan Way
11/1/17 - 3:20 pm Guy begins shooting gun in Jackson Square near school bus and while mayor and police commissioner were nearby Gunfire Centre St. and Lamartine St.
10/31/17 - 11:47 pm Teen shot to death in Jamaica Plain Murder 944 Parker St.
10/7/17 - 2:16 am Police: Egleston Square break-in suspects played hide-and-seek with officers; they lost Breaking and entering 1985 Columbus Ave.
9/29/17 - 7:15 pm Person shot in the leg in Jackson Square Shooting 277 Centre St.
9/8/17 - 11:15 am Shots fired in Egleston Square Gunfire Washington St. and Beethoven St.
6/30/17 - 12:40 am Two men in a car shot in Jamaica Plain Shooting Grotto Glen Rd. and Day St.
6/25/17 - 12:15 am Girl, 8, shot on Heath Street in Jamaica Plain Shooting 154 Heath St.
6/13/17 - 6:15 pm Man stabbed in Egleston Square Stabbing Columbus Ave. and Washington St.
4/30/17 - 12:05 am One shot in Egleston Square Shooting 3100 Washington St.
4/25/17 - 6:25 pm Man shot in the head in Jamaica Plain Shooting 1 Metcalf Ct.
3/27/17 - 5:30 pm Police looking for man they say threatened a woman with a knife on the Orange Line at Stony Brook Assault with a dangerous weapon 180 Lamartine St.
2/4/17 - 11:15 pm Man stabbed in the stomach in Forest Hills T station Stabbing New Washington St.
1/17/17 - 10:00 pm Person shot on Jamaica Plain side of Jackson Square Shooting 252 Centre St.
1/17/17 - 4:15 pm Armed robbery on Centre Street in Jackson Square Armed robbery 315 Centre St.
1/3/17 - 8:53 am Police say JP bank robber waited his turn in line before demanding money from teller Bank robbery 515 Centre St.
12/9/16 - 4:20 am Man shot in Jamaica Plain Shooting 960 Parker St.
11/27/16 - 10:45 pm Shots fired in Hailey Apartments Gunfire 50 Bickford St.
11/12/16 - 1:58 am Police say guy stabbed repeatedly outside JP bar remains tight lipped on attack Stabbing 3520 Washington St.
10/12/16 - 1:40 pm Man robbed at gunpoint at Centre and Wyman in Jamaica Plain Armed robbery Centre St. and Wyman St.
9/29/16 - 1:41 am Police look for gunpoint rapist in Jamaica Plain Rape 24 Gay Head St.
9/27/16 - 1:05 am Man shot to death in Bromley-Heath Murder 267 Centre St.
9/22/16 - 10:00 pm Police investigate indecent assault on two women on Jamaica Pond path Indecent assault and battery Jamaicaway and Pond St.
8/27/16 - 3:30 am Man shot to death outside Jamaica Plain convenience store Murder 454 Centre St.
8/3/16 - 10:40 pm Woman sexually assaulted at gunpoint in Jamaica Plain Sexual attack 189 Forest Hills St.
5/26/16 - 4:00 pm Shots fired in Bromley-Heath Gunfire 960 Parker St.
5/14/16 - 11:55 pm Shots fired into Jamaica Plain building Gunfire 12 Metcalf Ct.
4/22/16 - 3:50 pm Jamaica Plain bank held up Bank robbery 515 Centre St.
3/22/16 - 11:35 pm Two shot in Egleston Square Shooting 127 School St.
3/14/16 - 10:24 am Woman indecently attacked on Jamaica Plain street this morning, police say Indecent assault and battery 127 Chestnut Ave.
3/4/16 - 2:50 pm Teenager stabbed at Stony Brook T stop Stabbing 180 Lamartine St.
2/7/16 - 9:10 pm Two robbed of phone at gunpoint outside Forest Hills T stop Armed robbery Hyde Park Ave. and Tower Rd.
1/27/16 - 11:59 am Teen gets into English High with a gun, police say Illegal gun possession 144 McBride St.