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Irish Riviera

The South Shore, extending from Nantasket Beach as far south as Sandwich on the uppa Cape, with its cultural center in Scituate. Mike Foley reports: "I actually saw t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale with 'Scituate, The Irish Riviera!' emblazoned across them in a window in Scituate Harbor.''
J.D. McVout and Mike Foley

A scrappy, anvil headed kid, I fell out of my share of apple trees and threw my share of snowballs at passing cars on the south shore of Boston in a town called Marshfield, that we sarcastically referred to as "Marshvegas" because it was like most of the suburbs along the Irish Riviera , small, homogeneous, and boring."
-- Kevin Connolly's bio



Those little chocolate thingees you ask the guy at the ice-cream store to put on top of your cone. The multi-colored ones are "sprinkles."

Ron's Ice Cream in Dedham Center still knows the difference: