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A direction on the T: Towards Park Street/Downtown Crossing. The antonym of outbound.

The South Shore, extending from Nantasket Beach as far south as Sandwich on the uppa Cape, with its cultural center in Scituate. Mike Foley reports: "I actually saw t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale with 'Scituate, The Irish Riviera!' emblazoned across them in a window in Scituate Harbor.''
J.D. McVout and Mike Foley

A scrappy, anvil headed kid, I fell out of my share of apple trees and threw my share of snowballs at passing cars on the south shore of Boston in a town called Marshfield, that we sarcastically referred to as "Marshvegas" because it was like most of the suburbs along the Irish Riviera , small, homogeneous, and boring."
-- Kevin Connolly's bio

Those little chocolate thingees you ask the guy at the ice-cream store to put on top of your cone. The multi-colored ones are "sprinkles."

Ron's Ice Cream in Dedham Center still knows the difference:



Jamaica Plain, a.k.a. the Poor Man's Cambridge, although the local real estate prices now approach Cambridge's, forcing many people south to Rozzie.