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Food fight: McDonald's sues Boston Market over back rent at turnpike rest areas

McDonald's today sued Boston Market, for the second time, over rent it says the chicken chain owes for subleases at Massachusetts Turnpike rest areas in Framingham, Westborough and Ludlow.

Boston Market closed its outlets in the three rest areas in 2020 during the pandemic and stopped paying rent to McDonald's, even though, McDonald's says, it continued to sling burgers and fries at the areas, McDonald's says in its complaint, filed in Suffolk Superior Court. McDonald's sued in 2021, the two sides negotiated a repayment plan. But then, in July, 2022, Boston Market - which is based in Colorado - stopped paying rent again and shut its Westborough location again.

Now, McDonald's says, Boston Market owes it at least $560,000 in back rent and the grimacing burger giant wants its money, plus interest, damages and attorneys' fees.



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Hard to belleve ,a multibillion dollar food chain suing another multibillion dollar food chain over late rent payments.

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When it was called Boston Chicken

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It was good then, too, back in the early days of Boston Chicken. I miss that chicken.

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It was extremely oily even in those days.

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Me too - way, way back in the primordial 1990s.

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Like my dad would say when I asked him for money: "Here, let me bend over and (expletive) it out for you."

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You didn't have an agreement that your father would pay you. Boston Market did. It's perfectly fair to collect rent on spaces you own. This might happen in business and is a risk you take upon opening your business there.

If it's that simple, just stop paying rent and sling that line to your landlord.

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But if you sold 0 chicken dinners, you made $0. Ergo, my dad's timeless wisecrack.

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Food fight, food fight!

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About choking the chicken?

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