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Progressives advance to final in Somerville

Will Mbah and Katjana Ballantyne will compete in November to replace Joe Curtatone. A Trumpist bully candidate got only 15% of the vote but, of course, immediately claimed the results were rigged.

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a Trumpie dipshit claiming his staggering, incontrovertible loss was due to a rigged election.

Face it, dude: you suck donkey balls. The overwhelming consensus is that you're ridiculous: a feckless loser with delusions of adequacy. Consider a taking a flying leap off the Tobin, lest you steal precious oxygen from a potentially useful human being.

(NB: I'd never heard of this tiny, useless prick before this morning, but how very unsurprising to see he's a Trumpie. Trust-fund baby with multiple failed businesses, inveterate racist, vanity publisher of a book and newspaper rife with deliberately self-serving misinformation, and a repeat fraudster with several criminal convictions: https://medium.com/@fdmts/do-not-vote-for-william-billy-tauro-c4b6a667fd0e ) A regular dribble off the ol' Orange Anus.

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Who knew that stupid and racist had a playbook!

He'll soon make his way to the grates at Deer Island with his knuckledragging sistern and brethren from Meffuh and Malden. Bill "Narcissisto the Clown" Giglio is still on the school committee ballot - barely - but the other three OMG THEY ARE MAKING WHITE KIDS FEEL BAD idiots got flushed.

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You may have been a terrible person and a worse candidate, but we'll always have your memory, in the form of all your signs that will fade in the sunlight and slowly deteriorate in the windows of derelict buildings for generations to come.

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There was a house between JFK/UMass and Savin Hill stations (where the Braintree branch rises up above the Ashmont branch) that had a Kerry sign that was still standing (albeit getting more faded by time) for years after the election.

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immortalized in "Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.''

Note that I like and liked Mike, voted for him in every election I had the chance to, was impressed to regularly spot him on my morning Green Line C train commute. A few years earlier, he'd schooled me in adroit political bullshit when I confronted him as my Tiny Nowhere Masshole Town's elected representative to Student Government Day. I whapped him with what I was sure was a nasty gotcha question on the abortion issue that he neatly jujitsued with a bland, gassy misdirection, knowing I had no chance for a follow-up. A trenchant political lesson for a 16-year-old.

(Forgive a possible repeat anecdote here, but my folks bought me my first suit for that; the rampant polyester does not hold up to contemporary scrutiny. After getting off the bus at Park Square, I made it a point to stop at L. J. Peretti on the way to the State House to buy cigars, because politicians. I lit one up in the House Chamber during the mock legislative debate session. A Capitol Po-leece told me to put it out. I pointed out that some adult on the floor was also smoking. He let me be.)

I'm pretty sure that Duke torpedoed whatever chances he had nationally with that Snoopy on the Tank moment. I still wonder about the alternate timeline in which he beats HW.

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Was gonna say ! You can’t turn your head around Somerville without seeing a freakin billy tauro sign

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from this one?

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Was kind of fun trying to figure out how a truck covered with Janey signs fit with this story about the Somerville elections, though.

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Janey is going to pull a Scott Brown and move to Somerville to try her luck for Mayor of that city instead.

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When copying the link and so inadvertently posted in an older one. Fixed now.

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May the god awful blue signs of Tauro in Cambridge/Somerville finally fade away into nothingness, taking that extra Shiva Ayyadurai on Cambridge St with them. (Except maybe the one that got tagged, declaring Tauro a Sith Lord Slum Lord. I giggle at that one on my way home from work).

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Somerville is "progressive". Yet somehow not progressive enough for Ranked- Choice voting.

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We needed that this election badly.

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and apparently Somerville voted 76% in favor on that state ballot question, so I think that Instant Runoff is likely in our future.

Here's a group working on it: https://www.somervillercv.org/

(Nota Bene: Ranked Choice Voting/RCV is a broader term that has annoyingly been coopted by a certain movement to get more places to use Instant Runoff Voting/IRV, which is but one type of ranked-choice voting method. Condorcet, Borda Count, and others are all ranked-choice as well. IRV has problems and I'm not sure it's really my preference, but it's *absolutely* better than what we have... so I'd go for it.)

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