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Historic block and lady in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.

By - 8/20/18 - 9:30 am

Jamaica Plain News interviews Katie Forde, who, for the second time in two years, is running for Suffolk County Register of Deeds against former City Councilor Steve Murphy - only this time she's his only opponent in the Democratic primary.

By - 8/20/18 - 6:29 am

People volunteer for various, sometimes deeply personal, reasons. However, I believe that most of us share one common sentiment. We want to make a world we live in a better place, and there’s a million ways in which you can contribute. You can find volunteering options for you on the websites like or (it allows to choose your location and shows many opportunities for Boston area).

Writing is also an option, and it might be the perfect one for you if at least one of the following statements matches you.

By - 8/17/18 - 2:31 pm

Suffolk County DA Dan Conley today made it official: He's endorsing assistant DA Greg Henning to succeed him in the Sept. 4 Democratic primary: Read more.

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An area group of Dr. Who fans is trying to organize a Boston BritCon in 2019 to celebrate British pop culture:

Boston BritCon aims to be the first and best fan event in Boston focused on all things British, including television, film, literature, and culture!

By - 8/13/18 - 10:48 am

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office reports scamsters are calling area residents and demanding they buy some pre-paid credit cards to pay off alleged debts or fines - or risk jail time.

By - 8/11/18 - 5:25 pm
The Fog

The Emerald Necklace Conservancy yesterday turned on Fujiko Nakaya's Fog x FLO fog displays at several locations, from Jamaica Pond to the Back Bay Fens. Clay Harper visited several of the locations today.

Vasant Marur visited the Fens location - and watched BFD roll up after somebody reported the "fog" as a fire (to be fair, the Fens do have a rep for catching on fire fairly easily): Read more.

By - 8/10/18 - 10:19 pm

Apparently, Republican Governor Charlie Baker thinks it's worthwhile to vet Brett Kavanaugh's record on supporting Supreme Court precedent on a women's right to choose to have an abortion, Roe v. Wade.

Gov. Charlie Baker reacts to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.


Brett Kavanaugh's One Abortion Case

By - 8/7/18 - 2:33 pm

Mass. Republican candidates for US Senate had a debate today and none of the issues raised by Steve Schmidt on Bill Maher August 3 were discussed

Click on the soundcloud link at the bottom of the tweet:

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‘This is my neighborhood!’ White man melts down after seeing a black woman park her motorcycle on his street [near the intersection of Adams Street and Chelmsford in Dorchester]

Boston woman says she found herself being accosted by an angry white man simply because she parked her motorcycle on the street where he lived.

By - 8/6/18 - 12:04 pm

The state Department of Environmental Protection has issued an air-quality alert for the Boston area that runs until 11 p.m. tonight due to higher than normal levels of ground-level ozone. Read more.

By - 8/3/18 - 1:14 pm

Castle Islands outdoor pub apparently didn't work by the Ink Block, but now the're apparently opening at Constitution Wharf in Charlestown Neighbors have been caught unaware, no outreach to the community and/or neighbors.

By - 8/3/18 - 10:21 am

The Globe reports on a suit by two former employees against the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, filed in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday.

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