Howie Carr

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John Carroll ponders coffee, selling for $10.99 a bag, that features Howie Carr's rictus on the front.

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EPIC CLASH Between Howie Carr and Shiva Ayyadurai

For people who enjoy a good car wreck, skip to 2:00 in this video. Right-winger Shiva Ayyadurai, who says he invented e-mail and who is one of several Republicans looking to run against Elizabeth Warren next year, accuses Howie Carr - Howie Carr - of being a "Fake Trumper." Carr responds in classic Carr fashion - by pulling out copies of the records related to Ayyadurai's 2005 arrest on a charge of domestic assault and battery against his then girlfriend (Naturally, Carr also posted copies of those records).

H/t Ron.

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Behold the following Twitter exchange between our resident professional crank and our resident mayor:

H/t VinnieTesla.

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The Globe reports local columnist Howard Louis Carr, Jr. has been granted a leave of absence from his radio show on WRKO.

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Dan Kennedy has a tip for the crusty columnist - and his apparently on-an-extended-break copy editor:

When mocking someone for misspelling a state legislator’s name, try extra hard not to misspell the name of a congresswoman.

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Adrian Walker tweets that the Rev. Eugene Rivers, who screamed from the front page of the Herald that blacks are to blame for Tuesday's results, hasn't voted in well over a decade. And this alleged active backer of Charlotte Golar Richie didn't vote Tuesday, either, yet has the gall to blame backers of other minority candidates for her loss.

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Like Globies Shelley Murphy and Kevin Cullen, the Herald's Howie Carr can also watch the Bulger trial from the public seats, judge rules. Meanwhile, Bulger's lawyers want the trial delayed so they can investigate whether State Police gave a witness the same sort of protection Bulger allegedly got from the FBI.

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Thin-skinned flacks show displeasure at Romney op-ed piece; ban Herald from today's traffic blocker visit.

You know it's bad when even the Outraged Liberal rises to the Herald's support.

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Wah, poor Howie Carr is upset Scott Brown went to "60 Minutes" to shill his book instead of to him.

Wah, poor Mike Andelman at the Phantom Gourmet is upset a hostess at Grill 23 wouldn't seat him and his fellow Phantom Gourmet'er before the dining room opened:

It's 5 o'clock, and guess what, if the owner of Grill 23 was standing next to this dumb hostess, this moronic hostess who was just getting her, uh, jollies off by sticking to the rules of her little brochure in a little binder, this little monkey, her only job is to look at this binder and say don't let people in 'till 5:30. ...

Dan: Although in her defense she was good-looking apparently. I'd like to see a picture. Was she wearing yoga pants? These are things I want to know. I have a thing for hostesses.

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At least their resident fatboy had the decency to admit he got his surgery for free. The sad thing for the Herald is Chubby got the freebie because of his radio gig (you know, the one he hates), not because of his crusading journalism in print.

The Outraged Liberal has more.

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Carr kvetches the Ware report on the corrupt probation department didn't come out before the election.

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The cable news network today suspended Keith Olbermann for making campaign donations to three Democratic candidates last month.

This contrasts with the Herald's Howie Carr. In addition to speaking at and hosting Republican fundraisers this year, the columnist last month gave $100 to Wellesley state Rep. candidate Royall Switzler, according to records on file at the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

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Had a great laugh this morning reading the Boston Herald. First there was this story:

WRKO radio host Howie Carr has lodged a trio of complaints against the station with the state Attorney General's office, seeking unpaid bonuses and a pay raise in the three years since his bosses thwarted his attempt to defect to rival WTKK.

The Herald received the complaints from the Attorney General's office under a Freedom of Information Act request. Carr declined comment this week.

Wait, is this the same Howie Carr that bashes state employees, elected (Democratic) officials and government overall as hacks and taxpayer ripoffs? Why yes it is. But when he has a problem with his employer, where does Howie Carr go? To a government agency and asks help from public employees.

And guess what - those public employees (always hacks in Howie's retread columns) did their jobs and protected Howie's rights (including getting him 2 backpay checks).

By - 4/16/10 - 11:27 pm

The loudmouth finally mouthed off once too often to his bosses at the station he's forced to toil at for only $1 million a year (contracts are so distasteful) and the station suspended him for a week, the Globe reports.

By - 10/4/09 - 10:44 am

Vennochi goes after "Ernie Boch III," the not-the-car-dealer trying to organize a boycott of Howie Carr's advertisers:

The blogosphere opened up the public conversation to new, thoughtful voices, but it should not provide a shield to hide biases and private agendas.

Oh, excuse me, Miss High and Mighty.

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The Herald reports that Ernie Boch, one of its advertisers and an Inside Track crush (Gals just love him to pieces), is offering no money down $2,000 for the identity of Ernie Boch III, so that Howie Carr can taunt him mercilessly "terrorize" him.

By - 10/2/09 - 4:47 pm

Bob Nelson reports on the Boston Radio List that he was listening to Carr on WRKO this afternoon and the car dealer came on down and said:

  • He is not the Ernie Boch III, who's calling for a boycott of Carr's advertisers on Blue Mass. Group (and on tried on Red Mass. Group, where the reaction was a bit less friendly).
  • Flack Extraordinaire George Regan suggested he hire a private investigator to find out who III really is
  • Boch thinks it's somebody at the State House
By - 10/2/09 - 7:51 am

For trying to help him get out of his contract with WRKO. He hugs them and musses their hair and gives them a friendly "yer momma."