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Boston crime

3/27/23 - 9:53 pm
AAA Grocery, 181 Washington St. at Erie Street in Dorchester, was held up around 9:50 p.m. by a man in a black mask who showed... Read more
3/25/23 - 9:00 pm
Around 9 p.m. Police are searching the neighboring Mildred Hailey Apartments for a suspect who ran there.
3/24/23 - 8:25 pm
A man is being held pending a dangerousness hearing on Thursday after he and two of his four daughters punched a security... Read more
3/22/23 - 7:21 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 15-year-old in the Mildred Hailey development yesterday on charges he shot a man in the... Read more
3/21/23 - 12:00 pm
Boston Police report officers with a search warrant raided a home on Faywood Avenue, between Crestwood and Vallar roads in East... Read more
3/20/23 - 9:20 pm
Boston Police report arresting two men on gun charges after a foot chase that began near Columbus Avenue following a scooter... Read more
Guns and bullets seized from man's SUV
3/19/23 - 12:15 am
An Arkansas man was ordered held in lieu of $5,000 bail after he was arrested on Day Boulevard in South Boston early Sunday... Read more
3/17/23 - 9:00 pm
Boston Police report a man found lying on the ground outside 17 Winter St. in Downtown Crossing around 9 p.m. on March 17 has... Read more
3/16/23 - 9:45 pm
Around 9:45 p.m. in the area of Centre and Bickford streets. Nobody hit.
3/16/23 - 7:48 am
Boston Police report arresting a Roslindale man and an alleged accomplice from Hyde Park after, police say, they smashed the... Read more
3/15/23 - 2:57 pm
A judge yesterday ordered 20 days of evaluation for a Boston man arrested after, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office... Read more
Surveillance photos of would-be Newmarket Square bank robber
3/11/23 - 11:02 am
Boston Police report arresting a Cape Cod man whose attempt to rob bank branch inside the South Bay Stop & Shop, 1100... Read more
3/8/23 - 3:30 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers making a traffic stop on Shawmut Avenue inbound near Ramsay Park arrested the driver on... Read more
Crime scene next to Dorchester playground
3/8/23 - 10:45 am
Live Boston reports somebody was shot in the head Thetford Avenue near Evans Street - and the Thetford-Evans Playground -... Read more
3/7/23 - 2:10 pm
Boston Police report two men were sliced in the neck at 189 Blue Hill Ave. around 2:10 p.m. on Tuesday. Police report arresting... Read more
3/6/23 - 1:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Watertown man they say robbed the Santander Bank branch at 535 Columbia Rd. in Dorchester... Read more
3/5/23 - 11:34 pm
Victim identified as Orlando Watkins, 44, of Dorchester. Boston Police report a man was found dead of gunshot wounds at 940... Read more
3/5/23 - 4:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting two men in the parking lot of the McDonald's at 718 American Legion Highway in Roslindale after... Read more
3/4/23 - 3:31 pm
Victim identified as Jose Despeignes, 56, of Hyde Park. Boston Police report a man was shot at 109 Weaver Way in Roxbury around... Read more
Wanted for hamburger robbery
3/4/23 - 12:45 am
Boston Police report they're looking for a guy they say broke into the McDonald's at 301 Warren St. after it had closed for sit... Read more
3/2/23 - 5:00 pm
A Red Line train at Ashmont had to be taken out of service at rush hour yesterday after some guy on the platform attempted to... Read more
2/28/23 - 4:32 pm
Boston Police report arresting an employee at Seed, 401 Centre St. in Hyde Square, for the Glock with a bullet in the chamber... Read more
2/27/23 - 11:13 pm
Transit Police report arresting a Roslindale man on charges he sprayed a rider at the Fenway Green Line stop with "an unknown... Read more
2/26/23 - 7:10 pm
The High Profile x Budega dispensary, 3995 Washington St., was robbed shortly after 7 p.m. on Sunday by three men in ski masks... Read more
2/21/23 - 7:40 pm
Victim identified as Mario G. Santos, 21, of Dorchester. Police found two men shot on Wilrose Street between Westwood Street... Read more
2/20/23 - 9:40 pm
Update: Photo of suspect released. SK Convenience, 1283 River St. in Hyde Park, was held up around 9:40 p.m. by a man who then... Read more
2/19/23 - 7:49 pm
Boston Police report detaining four suburban youths, one just 11, on charges they and some of their pals went on a beating... Read more
2/19/23 - 5:00 pm
Transit Police report two "juvenile females" punched and spit at a 50-year-old woman and pulled her hair around 5 p.m. on Feb.... Read more
2/19/23 - 8:30 am
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man who was a Boston outreach worker after a chase Sunday in which he sped through... Read more
Outside Slade's after the shooting
2/18/23 - 11:34 pm
Victim identified as Terrell Banks, 37. Boston Police report two men were shot at Tremont Street at Hammond Street around 11:30... Read more
2/18/23 - 8:46 pm
Victim identified as Diva Ayuso, 32, of Sharon. Boston Police report a woman was found shot at 15 Fermoy Heights Ave. around 8:... Read more
2/17/23 - 10:23 pm
Boston Police report that officers on patrol in the North End Thursday night spotted a guy trying to tear down a "Handicap"... Read more
Seized guns and drugs
2/17/23 - 12:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting four men after a months-long investigation into boisterous and illegal summertime drag races -... Read more
Alleged bus attacker and alleged Red Line masturbator
2/16/23 - 7:00 am
Transit Police report they are looking for a man for indecent assault and battery on a child for an incident on a Route 17 bus... Read more
2/16/23 - 12:00 am
Two Roxbury men face federal gun charges for allegedly storing and selling devices for turning regular guns into rapid-fire... Read more
2/15/23 - 9:40 pm
A Brooklyn man was arraigned today on charges he walked into an apartment at the West End Apartments last month and fatally... Read more
2/13/23 - 8:10 pm
Victim identified as Paris Quilter, 31, of Dorchester. Boston Police report two men were shot at 21 Dewey St. in Dorchester... Read more
2/13/23 - 8:00 pm
Transit Police report that a 19-year-old man and an 11-year-old boy punched and kicked a 63-year-old man in the upper busway at... Read more
Detective photographs evidence on Woodside Avenue
2/11/23 - 4:57 pm
Murder victim identified as Brianna Brown, 21. Boston Police report two people were stabbed repeatedly at 5 Woodside Ave., off... Read more
Wanted for attack at Downtown Crossing
2/7/23 - 2:00 pm
Transit Police have put out a BOLO for a man they say punched a 62-year-old woman after she said "excuse me" as she tried to... Read more
2/6/23 - 8:58 pm
Around 9 p.m. on Roxbury Street at Malcolm X Boulevard.
Wanted man
2/5/23 - 1:31 am
Boston Police they're looking for a guy they say beat another man up, sending the victim to the hospital with serious injuries... Read more
Cops inside La Chiva
2/3/23 - 11:50 pm
Live Boston reports a man was found shot in the face around midnight at Bennington and Chelsea streets in East Boston, but that... Read more
Wanted man
1/31/23 - 3:00 pm
Transit Police have released photos a guy they say went up to another man and, for no reason they can figure out, punched him... Read more
1/30/23 - 2:45 pm
A large fight among TechBoston Academy students that started on the basketball court in Roberts Playground near Armandine and... Read more
Babson Street crime scene
1/29/23 - 11:30 am
Victim identified as Tyler Lawrence, 13, of Norwood. GoFundMe. A teenager was murdered at Babson and Fremont streets in... Read more
Bryan Fitzpatrick
1/25/23 - 7:27 pm
Two men and two women face charges that they broke a Red Line rider's nose, sliced his jacket and tased him during a robbery... Read more
Smashed bus window
1/25/23 - 3:30 pm
Transit Police report that one group of teens attacked another group unprovoked on a bus at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road... Read more
1/24/23 - 9:16 pm
Boston Police report officers arrived at a car crash outside 595 River St. in Mattapan just as the driver was "reaching for a... Read more
1/24/23 - 3:40 pm
Transit Police report a guy taking up "too many seats" on an Orange Line train refused to yield any of the seats, which another... Read more
1/23/23 - 1:21 pm
Boston Police report officers arrested a 12-year-old boy who ran from a stolen car on Stratton Street while clutching a loaded... Read more
Seized revolver, bullets
1/22/23 - 8:01 am
Boston Police report officers responding to call about a person with a gun on Brenton Street this morning spotted a guy running... Read more
1/21/23 - 9:30 pm
Update: Bail set at $500. Boston Police report one officer was injured and two people arrested during a protest Saturday night... Read more
River Street crash scene
1/21/23 - 7:00 pm
Live Boston reports at least two road ragers managed to make it nearly 3 miles from Ukraine Way and Hyde Park Avenue in Forest... Read more
1/21/23 - 12:45 pm
Boston Police report officers, including gang-unit members, arrested Jonathan Velasquez, 18, on gun charges a Seaver and Harold... Read more
1/20/23 - 10:45 pm
Update: The man was pushing a wheelchair, not in one, when he hit and killed, the Suffolk County DA's office reports, adding... Read more
1/20/23 - 9:18 pm
A man walked into the Eliot Barber Shop, 243 Bowdoin St. in Dorchester and opened fire with a gun shortly before 9:20 p.m. One... Read more
1/20/23 - 4:30 pm
WHDH reports Arboretum Pizza Grill, 4025 Washington St., was robbed at gunpoint around 4:30 p.m.
1/20/23 - 1:00 pm
WFXT reports somebody was shot outside 950 Canterbury St., near the intersection with Cummins Highway and American Legion... Read more
1/19/23 - 9:10 pm
A Ford Fusion reported stolen on Cohasset Street around 8:50 p.m. wound up crashed into two other cars around 9:10 p.m. at... Read more
1/18/23 - 3:40 pm
A medical assistant at the MGH Back Bay Health Center, 388 Commonwealth Ave., was arrested yesterday after allegedly raping a... Read more
1/17/23 - 12:20 pm
A man with a criminal record dating to 1990 was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bail at his arraignment on a charge that he... Read more
One of the seized guns and bullets
1/17/23 - 6:00 am
Boston Police report gang-unit officers looking for suspects for a series of violent crimes in Hyde Park arrested five people... Read more
1/16/23 - 8:00 am
A Boston man was ordered held without bail for at least 60 days at his arraignment this week for kidnapping, two counts of... Read more
1/16/23 - 3:00 am
State Police report arresting a man on a variety of charges following a search that lasted several hours after he ran away from... Read more
1/15/23 - 7:39 pm
Updated Monday with arrest info. A 15-year-old was stabbed in the back on Temple Place near Tremont Street around 7:40 p.m. His... Read more
Dorchester Avenue crime scene
1/15/23 - 5:30 pm
Live Boston reports a woman was shot in a vehicle on Dorchester Avenue near Divine Way around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. She is... Read more
1/12/23 - 10:30 pm
Live Boston reports a person was stabbed in the chest and leg at Dorchester Avenue and East Cottage Street in Dorchester... Read more
1/12/23 - 5:15 pm
Transit Police report arresting three of the four people they say got on the Red Line at Harvard with a crowbar, then used it... Read more
1/12/23 - 3:00 pm
A medical assistant at the MGH Back Bay Health Center, 388 Commonwealth Ave., who was arrested last week on a charge he raped a... Read more
1/12/23 - 9:18 am
Boston Police report arresting an Uxbridge man on charges he held up the Santander Bank branch at 61 Harrison Ave. in Chinatown... Read more
1/9/23 - 9:41 pm
Marcella's Market, 80 Marcella St., was robbed at gunpoint by a Black man wearing a black baseball cap with yellow writing on... Read more
Seized guns, drugs, cash
1/6/23 - 6:00 am
Boston Police report Distict C-6 (South Boston) drug-unit officers and FBI agents armed with three search warrants, raided an... Read more
1/5/23 - 9:55 am
A Mattapan woman was ordered today held pending a dangerousness hearing on charges she tried bringing a loaded gun into... Read more
1/2/23 - 5:03 pm
Boston Police report officers arrested a Dorchester woman on gun and drug charges after initially stopping her for driving down... Read more
Men wanted for Atlantic Avenue attack
1/1/23 - 5:40 pm
Boston Police have released photos and descriptions of five men, three in local sports-team attire, that they say punched and... Read more
Mattapan Square crime scene
1/1/23 - 5:56 am
Victim identified as Jymaal Cox, 33 and a father of two, of Mattapan. Boston Police report two men were shot, one fatally, at... Read more
Shooting suspect
12/30/22 - 5:25 pm
Update: Police say they found the guy, have talked to him and that their investigation continues. Transit Police have released... Read more
12/28/22 - 7:15 pm
A Hyde Park man traveling with a child was arrested at Logan Airport yesterday after he allegedly tried to get a loaded handgun... Read more
12/27/22 - 11:20 am
A Dorchester woman was arrested today on charges she set a Mora Street three decker on fire this morning, the Suffolk County... Read more
Photos of attempted carjacking suspect
12/26/22 - 5:29 pm
Boston Police have released photos of a guy they say attacked somebody outside Foodies, 230 West Broadway and tried but failed... Read more
12/26/22 - 1:00 pm
A man with a criminal record that dates to the 1980s sold crack to at least two individuals at Atkinson and Southampton streets... Read more
12/24/22 - 10:35 pm
The Alfa gas station, 4139 Washington St. in Roslindale, was held up at gunpoint shortly after 10:30 p.m. The suspect described... Read more
12/24/22 - 12:45 am
A Randolph man faces a variety of charges after he allegedly ran a woman down outside North Station early this morning, while a... Read more
12/23/22 - 11:01 pm
Victim identified as Michael Collins, Jr., 18, of Dorchester. A man was shot in the head at Franklin Hill Avenue and Shandon... Read more
12/23/22 - 9:28 pm
Update: Victim's girlfriend charged. A man was stabbed in the stomach shortly before 9:30 p.m. and then run over on Manchester... Read more
12/21/22 - 5:02 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury woman on charges she stabbed another woman in the stomach during a fight at Geneva... Read more
12/21/22 - 12:18 am
Boston Police report arresting two men from Malden and one from Everett following an armed robbery on Hyde Park Avenue, near... Read more
12/20/22 - 11:20 am
Update: Photos of suspect released. The Citizens Bank branch in the Hancock Village mall on VFW Parkway at Independence Drive... Read more
Wanted man
12/19/22 - 5:15 pm
Boston Police report a woman was sexually attacked inside the garage at 100 Clarendon St. , next to Back Bay station, around 5:... Read more
12/19/22 - 4:15 am
A Transit Police officer who happened on a car just sitting on a Sullivan Square onramp up to I-93 north early Monday wound up... Read more
Scene at Venu
12/18/22 - 11:00 pm
Live Boston reports one person was stabbed at Venu, 100 Warrenton St. in the Theater District, late Sunday night and that... Read more
Man wanted in attacks
12/17/22 - 12:45 pm
>Update: Suspect arrested. Boston Police have released photos of a man they say physically attacked three women in separate... Read more
Kensington Street murder scene
12/14/22 - 11:20 pm
GoFundMe for family. Boston Police report a man was shot at 16 Kensington St. in Roxbury around 11:20 p.m. on Thursday. Live... Read more
12/13/22 - 8:58 pm
Boston Police report two officers had just finished up with a traffic stop on Bowdoin Street between Mt. Ida Road and Adams... Read more
12/13/22 - 4:28 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers conducting a gun investigation Tuesday afternoon, stopped one particular 14-year-old at... Read more
12/13/22 - 1:30 pm
Boston Police responded to Roseland Street near Samoset Street for gunfire around 1:30 p.m. One vehicle was hit. Officers found... Read more
12/13/22 - 1:30 pm
A man was stabbed in the elbow at the Alltown Mobil station, 85 Southampton St., around 1:30 p.m. The bleeding was bad enough... Read more
12/13/22 - 5:50 am
Ranlee Flores, 34, of Roxbury, had bail set at $30,000 yesterday on charges he stabbed a woman as she unloaded her groceries... Read more
12/11/22 - 9:10 pm
Update: The shooting victim, Branden Barrett, 34, of South Weymouth, died several days later. Police are looking for his killer... Read more
Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Typesort descending Street Neighborhood
3/18/21 - 8:07 pm Man stabbed inside the Corner Mall in Downtown Crossing
11/30/21 - 3:37 pm Man arrested in Dorchester after gunfire near Roslindale elementary school
7/17/21 - 2:45 am Harbor boat crash kills one, injures seven
7/8/21 - 11:20 am Man shot in struggle over gun with cop on Washington Street at Roslindale/Forest Hills line
1/12/23 - 5:15 pm Gang rode the Red and Green lines with a crowbar at rush hour, robbing and beating people, police say
7/27/21 - 12:30 am Man stabbed in Brigham Circle; suspect arrested Mission Hill
4/26/21 - 4:19 pm Man charged with robbing downtown bank 20 years after he robbed two other banks Bank robbery 1 Union St.
4/17/21 - 10:00 am Fight dogs rescued, alleged trainer arrested at Fields Corner house where man was shot, police say Animal cruelty 5 Toledo Terr Dorchester
1/30/21 - 1:16 am Dead end foils South End carjacker, police say Armed carjacking 658 Massachusetts Ave. South End
10/10/22 - 5:58 pm Harambee Park cricket team: 1, Knife-wielding thief: Nil Armed robbery 930 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
1/20/23 - 4:30 pm Roslindale pizza place robbed at gunpoint by man wearing pink gloves Armed robbery 4025 Washington St. Roslindale
12/21/22 - 12:18 am Man robbed at gunpoint in Roslindale; three arrested with gun, zip ties and duct tape, police say Armed robbery 428 Hyde Park Ave. Roslindale
5/23/22 - 12:00 pm Teens punch two men in the head in armed-robbery attempt at Shawmut station Armed robbery Shawmut station Dorchester
1/12/22 - 2:45 am Attempt at good deed ends in night of terror for Charlestown bartender Armed robbery 108 Cambridge St. Charlestown
2/26/23 - 7:10 pm Roslindale dispensary robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 3995 Washington St. Roslindale
11/10/21 - 9:02 pm Orange-sneakered gunman sought for South Boston market holdup Armed robbery 735 East 6th St. South Boston
10/7/22 - 9:30 pm Man charged with gunpoint robbery in Mattapan's Almont Park Armed robbery Hunt Almont Playground Mattapan
12/24/22 - 10:35 pm Roslindale gas station held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 4139 Washington St. Roslindale
2/16/21 - 7:23 am Rhode Island man tries but fails to hold up a South End check-cashing place, has better luck at a Starbucks, at least until he's arrested, police say Armed robbery 627 Tremont St. South End
9/16/22 - 7:50 pm Two young teens charged with using machete, baseball bat in Jamaica Plain market robbery Armed robbery 71 Day St. Jamaica Plain
5/25/22 - 5:19 pm Driver mugged behind the wheel after two guys jump into his car outside Boston Medical Center, DA says Armed robbery 30 Northampton St. South End
2/3/22 - 4:46 pm Police say man liked robbing a Dorchester market so much he robbed it again, only this time they were waiting for him Armed robbery 1 Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester
8/18/22 - 1:40 am Man charged with gunpoint robbery in Dorchester; police say he got victim's backpack but not his scooter, before they got him Armed robbery Callender St. and Lyford St. Dorchester
2/22/21 - 7:53 pm Man sought for armed robbery of market on Quincy Street in Dorchester Armed robbery 236 Quincy St. Dorchester
1/17/21 - 1:50 pm Person robbed at gunpoint in Hyde Park; two in custody Armed robbery 184 Garfield Ave. Hyde Park
1/9/23 - 9:41 pm Roxbury market robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 80 Marcella St. Roxbury
2/5/23 - 1:31 am Guy wanted for beating up somebody in the Fenway badly enough to put him in the hospital Armed robbery 82 Lansdowne St. Fenway
9/14/21 - 9:30 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint on Warren Street in Brighton Armed robbery Camelot Ct. and Warren St. Brighton
9/22/22 - 4:50 pm Man awaiting trial for attacking jail guard charged with gunpoint robbery at entrance to the Corner downtown Armed robbery Washington St. and Winter St. Downtown
10/11/21 - 5:33 pm Man charged with gunpoint robberies of Mattapan Square Burger King, market Armed robbery 885 Cummins Hwy Mattapan
10/13/21 - 2:25 pm Audubon Circle Domino's held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 508 Park Dr. Fenway
4/14/21 - 4:31 pm Police: Man rams bicyclist with a Bluebike on Columbus Avenue, then he and his pals punch and rob the victim Armed robbery 624 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
10/16/21 - 5:58 pm Four arrested for kidnapping, robbing and beating a man and then pushing him out of a moving car in Roxbury Armed robbery Vale St. and Thornton St. Roxbury
3/11/21 - 7:40 pm Woman robs man of phone at Ashmont T station, then her pal threatens victim with a knife when he tries to get his phone back, police say Armed robbery 1900 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
11/15/22 - 5:20 pm Armed robber lets gun slip out of his pants at Airport station, gets arrested, police say Armed robbery Memorial Stadium East Boston
3/27/23 - 9:53 pm Market at Washington and Erie in Dorchester robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 181 Washington St. Dorchester
10/4/22 - 8:35 pm Knife-wielding robber punched woman in the face in South Boston robbery, police say Armed robbery 506 East 6th St. South Boston
10/18/21 - 9:45 pm Brighton Center liquor store held up at knifepoint Armed robbery 388 Washington St. Brighton
11/21/21 - 12:00 am Police say Hyde Park woman helped beat, kidnap and rob Dorchester man she'd been friends with; she's under arrest, two others at large Armed robbery 67 Kingsdale St. Dorchester
11/9/22 - 10:05 am Armed robber fired two shots in struggle with victims in Roslindale, police say Armed robbery 4374 Washington St. Roslindale
2/20/23 - 9:40 pm Cleary Square convenience store held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 1283 River St. Hyde Park
12/27/22 - 11:20 am Woman says devil made her set Dorchester three decker on fire today, DA says Arson 74 Mora St. Dorchester
3/2/23 - 5:00 pm Guy angry at somebody inside a Red Line train waiting at Ashmont slams self into train window, cracking it, police say Assault Ashmont MBTA Station Dorchester
2/26/21 - 6:30 pm Ashmont fare evader spits at T worker, who evades the saliva, police say Assault 1900 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
12/13/22 - 5:50 am Man who stabbed a woman on Deckard Street in Roxbury also tried attacking another woman nearby a few days later, DA charges Assault Harrishof St. Roxbury
2/19/23 - 5:00 pm Woman beaten by two teens on MBTA bus in Dorchester, police say Assault and battery Washington St. and Columbia Rd. Dorchester
11/5/22 - 1:48 am Police hunt guy they say punched a man to the pavement outside Theater District club, then fled on a private bus Assault and battery 279 Tremont St. Chinatown
4/12/22 - 12:35 pm One of the screaming anti-vax bucket bangers arrested at City Hall Assault and battery 1 City Hall Sq. Downtown
9/8/22 - 9:30 pm Dorchester woman charged in Ashmont T-stop restroom rage Assault and battery Ashmont MBTA Station Dorchester
6/28/21 - 2:30 pm Man didn't stop at Sullivan's, he drove onto path around the fort at Castle Island, police say Assault and battery Caste Island South Boston
1/26/22 - 11:35 pm Police hunt man they say punched somebody in the face while brandishing a knife at Brigham Circle gas station Assault and battery 1600 Tremont St. Mission Hill
10/15/22 - 2:50 am Man thrown through plate-glass window in early morning North End fight Assault and battery Salem St. and Prince St. North End
7/9/22 - 6:03 pm Woman with small dog has big beer-tossing, table-slamming outburst at East Boston pub Assault and battery 1004 Bennington St. East Boston
7/9/22 - 4:00 pm Police look for man they say hurled a homophobic slur at woman at Park Street, then doused her and her dog with an iced drink Assault and battery Park St. Downtown
3/19/21 - 7:24 pm Police: Man attacks somebody in Nubian Square, then his companion tries smacking officers with a bottle Assault and battery Washington St. and Ziegler St. Roxbury
9/30/21 - 2:11 pm 'Coward' sought for beating up senior citizen at Jackson Square Orange Line stop Assault and battery Centre St. and Columbus Ave. Jamaica Plain
6/29/21 - 3:37 am Angry guy gets $5 from man in Downtown Crossing, but that wasn't enough, so he tried to attack him, then chased him up to Beacon Hill, police say Assault and battery Winter Street Downtown
2/27/23 - 11:13 pm If the signal problems on the T don't get you, a fellow rider might Assault and battery Fenway MBTA station Fenway
10/17/21 - 1:10 am Police say man expressed his impatience with a Red Line train not leaving the station by punching a T worker in the face Assault and battery JFK/UMass Dorchester
1/21/23 - 9:30 pm Police say cop smashed in face while trying to arrest congresswoman's daughter in Boston Common protest Assault and battery Parkman Bandstand Downtown
7/19/22 - 10:00 am Woman pours beer on bus driver's head in Dorchester, bites one cop, spits on others, police say Assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Washington St. Dorchester
4/18/22 - 7:00 pm Woman with braids beaten in Downtown Crossing Assault and battery Washington St and Winter St. Downtown
12/6/21 - 9:30 pm Man wanted on charges of beating up lots of people arrested on charges of beating up somebody at Andrew T stop Assault and battery Andrew MBTA station South Boston
10/18/21 - 5:15 pm Swaggering guy with a dog attacks senior citizen, steals glasses at North Station Assault and battery North Station West End
9/16/22 - 1:30 pm Excel High student, mom arrested trying to battle their way into school to attack another student, DA says Assault and battery 95 G St. South Boston
8/16/22 - 3:40 pm Bicyclists sought for attacking motorist in the South End Assault and battery 571 Tremont St. South End
12/23/21 - 9:00 am Mentally disabled man was beaten up at North Station; police say they have one of his attackers Assault and battery North Station West End
4/30/21 - 5:51 pm Guy punches man in the face several times at South Station while demanding his phone back; man didn't have his phone, it was at Lost and Found the whole time, police say Assault and battery South Station Downtown
11/3/21 - 2:30 pm Student at Dorchester school punched principal into unconsciousness, police say; school will be shut tomorrow Assault and battery 18 Croftland Ave. Dorchester
4/25/21 - 3:15 am Early morning burglary attempt leaves Roslindale store employee knocked out, but would-be robbers get away with nothing after passing motorist intervenes Assault and battery 4198 Washington St. Roslindale
12/4/22 - 12:49 am Guy held on charges he slammed man to the pavement outside Faneuil Hall bar, causing possibly permanent neck injury Assault and battery 27 Clinton St. Downtown
7/29/21 - 9:50 pm Guy sought for attacking man who asked him to move on an escalator at Government Center T stop Assault and battery 1 Cambridge St. Downtown
11/7/21 - 1:22 am Cape men charged with threatening man with a gun in Theater District garage Assault and battery 274 Tremont St. Chinatown
10/1/22 - 12:05 am An entire line of family members grabbed a guy at a Hyde Park bar and beat him up Assault and battery 1406 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
7/28/22 - 12:20 pm This isn't Times Square on VJ Day and you can't just grab some random woman and kiss her, man learns on the Green Line Assault and battery Park Street MBTA station Downtown
4/27/22 - 6:30 pm Two Suffolk students beaten up on the Common by teens, police say Assault and battery Boston Common Downtown
5/9/21 - 4:44 pm Licensed gun owner spots guy choking woman in robbery attempt in Franklin Park; fires gun to get a faster response by police, which worked Assault and battery 1 Circuit Dr. Roxbury
12/27/21 - 7:19 pm Police: Teens beat up man after he objects to them shooting Nerf guns at his head at Downtown Crossing T stop Assault and battery Washington St. and Summer St. Downtown
12/23/21 - 6:30 pm Man pepper sprays Nubian Square store owner after being told to put a mask on, police say Assault and battery 2359 Washington St. Roxbury
6/1/22 - 9:54 am Two kids charged with taking over Orange Line PA system and smacking the head of a person who objected Assault and battery 150 Green St. Jamaica Plain
5/10/21 - 8:10 pm Teens attacked in West Roxbury park with long history of teens who drink and fight Assault and battery Bellevue St. West Roxbury
3/26/22 - 9:37 am Steak shoplifter tries to strangle cop at South Bay Stop & Shop, police say Assault and battery 1100 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
8/20/22 - 11:46 pm Suspect in punching robbery attack on jewelry vendor at Blue Line stop arrested trying to get on an Orange Line shuttle bus a few days later, police say Assault and battery Government Center. Downtown
5/1/21 - 8:04 am Guy sought for smashing man to the platform at Park Street T station Assault and battery Park St. and Tremont St. Downtown
2/7/23 - 2:00 pm Man walloped woman who said 'excuse me' to him in Downtown Crossing concourse, police say Assault and battery Washington St. and Summer St. Downtown
3/15/23 - 2:57 pm Man charged with trying to lift wife out of wheelchair and toss her into Fort Point Channel Assault and battery Summer St. and Melcher St. South Boston
5/9/22 - 1:30 pm Woman charged with punching elderly man in a wheelchair in the head and robbing him in Nubian Square Assault and battery 2200 Washington St. Roxbury
7/9/22 - 12:00 am Guy went looking for a fight at an East Boston restaurant and he found one - and lost Assault and battery 259 Bennington St East Boston
9/15/21 - 8:52 am Man punches woman repeatedly in phone robbery at Mass. Ave. T stop, police say Assault and battery 380 Massachusetts Ave. Roxbury
8/12/21 - 5:20 am Police hunt man they say tried to drag a woman into an alley outside Tufts Medical Center early this morning Assault and battery 830 Washington st. Chinatown
2/17/22 - 2:00 am Mongo mad, but no horses in South End, so Mongo punch bus, get arrested, police say Assault and battery Washington St. and Union Park St. South End
9/9/21 - 12:34 am Maskless, backwards-caps dudes sought for September beatdown in Fenway Assault and battery Ipswich St. and Lansdowne St. Fenway
2/13/23 - 8:00 pm Man, kid beat up another man at Forest Hills, police say Assault and battery Forest Hills MBTA station Jamaica Plain
1/23/21 - 10:26 pm Trio sought for violent robberies at Adams and Ashmont streets in Dorchester Assault and battery Ashmont St. and Adams St. Dorchester
11/2/22 - 11:08 pm Two sought for beating, robbery outside Haymarket convenience store Assault and battery 149 Hanover St. Downtown
11/15/21 - 4:30 pm Elderly man beaten in the head in Roxbury road rager Assault and battery 7 Degautier Way Roxbury
12/27/21 - 1:35 am Board to consider whether Dorchester American Legion post shares any blame for December attack that left a man in critical condition Assault and battery 500 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester
5/16/21 - 3:12 pm Three officers injured while arresting Mass/Cass robbery suspect - two from the pepper spray they used to try to control him - police say Assault and battery Massachusetts Ave. Connector and Southampton St. South End
1/31/23 - 3:00 pm Orange Line face puncher sought Assault and battery Massachusetts Avenue MBTA station Roxbury
4/2/22 - 1:14 pm Man charged with punching two Asian-American women in the face in Boston; was already locked up for attack on elderly woman in Cambridge Assault and battery Oak St. W and Tremont St. Chinatown